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The Website Equation That Matters

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The website equation that matters

The number of enquiries your site produces generally tells you how good your site is.

If you get a trickle, or one every now and again, then it’s not just a lack of enquiries, or a big, missed opportunity it is genuinely a sign that your site is not that interesting or useful.

If you are getting a real flow of high quality and relevant enquiries, then your site is working well on all levels.

There is an equation which it is important to know. Which is this:

Number of visitors your site gets per month


Percentage of those visitors who make an enquiry

You need to have this equation working for you at its optimum level.

Do you even know what your equation looks like?

It’s important to work on this equation all of the time, because if you get this right, it can produce an unbelievable return, over a long period.

Let’s say you want to get six new high-quality enquiries per month, and your current site visitor numbers are fifty per month.

That means you would have to convert at a rate of 12%.

That’s an extraordinary rate, and it is too high for most sites, unless supported by a very big offsite campaign (in which case the site numbers would have gone up anyway).

For a site that is working on its own, without some form of major marketing activity boosting it, then a conversion rate of 2% may be more realistic (most sites we have seen in Financial Services will not be getting even this return).

If you can get 2%, then you need three hundred site visitors per month to get six new enquiries.

Most sites, to improve, must get both parts of this equation working efficiently.

And that’s what we can do for you.