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Substance Over Style

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For Financial Services and Accountancy Businesses

Substance over style

We have viewed hundreds, probably thousands, of websites in the financial services and accountancy sectors. If there was one observation above any other, we would make consequently, it is this:

Most sites favour style over substance

Don’t get us wrong, you need your site to look nice. It needs to be easy and quick to use and navigate.

But that’s a simple standard to achieve.

What viewers want, though, is substance.

Think about it? Where do most enquires from?

From someone who visits your site and thinks “that looks good” or from someone who visits your site and thinks “I get how they can make my life better”.

It’s from the latter, and because most sites are unsubstantial in relation to the crucial viewer question “what’s in it for me?” they fail to convert anywhere near the number of enquiries they could.

Substance is the key, make your site the most compelling magnet it can be, and to do this you need to keep giving people incentives to reach out to you. Through showcasing.

That means putting loads of substantive information and resource in front of site viewers.

We can help you do this and evolve your site into an enquiry generating machine.