Live Video

Nothing beats real people, you and your team, to showcase your service, ideas and skills.

Recording video and placing this onto your site can be a game changer in terms of viewer response.

That’s because of the difference between static text and the personality of a real person speaking on camera.

It does, however, need to look and sound good and sit on the site naturally.

Independent Check are able to help you create the very best live video for your site.

Any video you record is going to be of value beyond your website, as well. As you will be able to send it to contacts, post on social media and other outlets.

So why not come and chat with us about how we can help you create exactly the sort of video you desire?

What do we offer?

Content Help/Writing

Professional recording


Voiceover where required

Overlaying music

Technical help/website integration

We also have ready-made explainer videos.

Own Branded Videos - For IFAs, Financial Planners and Accountants

The statistics and research tell a clear story – video is now the best and most effective way to communicate ideas and information. Our explainer videos are already created and produced. You can simply buy our videos which would have your company logo and branding embedded into them. We can also help with integrating these videos into your website.

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