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How to Order

The first step towards ordering is to enquire about the guide (or guides) you wish to purchase. We will then get back in touch.

We accept enquiries via email or by telephone. We will then look to process your enquiry and if you are happy, place an order. If required we will send an order confirmation through to you prior to delivering your white-labelled guide. Once an order is confirmed this indicates that the terms and conditions of the purchase and future usage have been read and accepted.

 To complete an order we will generally require three things from you:

  1. A payment of the relevant sum, such payment to be made by direct bank transfer (an invoice will be issued to you at the time of your order)
  2. A file copy of your logo/branding/colours etc. This file copy will need to be in a form that we can use to brand your guide to your styling and corporate colours etc.
  3. The bespoke wording you wish us to use in the sections of the guide left blank for your completion: this will normally be the ABOUT US, CONTACT US and a section for your COMPLIANCE WORDING. We will place into these sections the exact wording you want to use. We can help with drafting this content, if required.
Once you have provided all this we will then produce your white-labelled guide (or guides if you have ordered more than one) and send to you for your approval. You can then edit or comment accordingly, request appropriate changes and then once these are completed we can sign off and you then use your guide(s) as you like from there onwards.

If you would like to enquire about a guide, please call on 02920 450143, or fill in the form below to enquire via email

    If you would rather, click the link below to view our guides to sample them.