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About you not us

The number one mistake to make is to imbalance your site around “About Us” rather than “About You”.

Your site should talk to a viewer in terms of what’s in it for them.

Marketing specialists will point out this is the most fundamental aspect of getting someone to buy into your brand, your proposition and attracting them to use your service.

Yet, financial and accountancy sites often go the other way, and have the site set up to tell the viewer all about the firm, how experienced they are, how they have built a great reputation, their professional qualifications, high levels of trust with their clients and what awards they have won.

Your average viewer is not going to be pulled across to your brand by these aspects.

This is not saying they should not be on your site, they should, and they are important to provide a foundation for everything else.

But, overall, your site should lean towards content which is “about you”, in other words talking about the viewer and their experience, their needs, desires, problems and how your firm can interact with these.

This content adjustment, carefully crafted and well-presented can – on its own – radically alter the conversion rate on a site. On its own – it can get you regular new enquiries. Just this one step.

If you wish to explore reframing your site to be more ‘about you’ we know how to pull the content together to do this, to make your site talk to your viewer in a way which acts like a magnet.

Come and discuss with us to find out more.