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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions relate to the service, offered by Independent Check Ltd (company registered number 08302295) 2 Raleigh Walk, Brigantine Place, Cardiff, CF10 4LN; a service known as “white-labelled guides for financial advisers”. We (Independent Check Ltd) are the ‘provider’ of the guides, you are the ‘user’ of the guides.

These terms and conditions relating to use come into existence once the user has completed an order for any one of the provider’s guides under this service.

‘Guides’ are defined as any guide promoted or made available for white-labelling by the provider via this service.

For the avoidance of doubt and to provide clarity any order by the user must include a description (which will be by reference to the title) of the guide being ordered at the time of confirmation.

Such order confirmation can be made by email. Once the order is confirmed the appropriate published cost sum, or other agreed sum for the cost of the guide and service, is then due for immediate payment.

Users will supply the provider with a suitable file containing their logo and brand styling at or close to the point when their order is made, so that the provider may produce a suitable white-labelled copy of the guide to the user.

Users will supply the provider with suitable wording to place into the blank sections of the guide known as “About Us” “Contact Us” and the Compliance Section. This is a component part of the order processes.

Subject to a suitable file being supplied and all other terms of the order process completed the provider will produce a white-labelled copy of the guide to the user within three working days.

The provider will provide the user with a copy which can be used by them in electronic form or paper form as the user requires.

Each or any order/payment must be specific to a particular guide and will not apply universally to more than one guide. Where there is more than one guide available or in existence use of each guide is separately restricted by a payment and order relating to that guide.

Users cannot use the guide, in any way, until such time as payment has been made to the provider and all other parts of the order process have been completed.

The copyright of any guide purchased through this service will ultimately remain with the provider.

The provider allows the user to use the copy, the design, the layout, any diagrams, graphs, charts or any other relevant or imbedded content in the guide ordered on the following terms:

The provider allows the user to use the guide to promote it to readers, who may be their clients, contacts or other connections freely and without major restriction provided the user does not sell, hire or rent the guide in any way.

The user does not have the right to allow any other user, which is not directly linked or involved in the user’s main business, to promote the guide.

The user may use the guide in any other way provided it is within their own main business.

The user may print the guide and distribute copies but not for money.

The user may use the guide on their web site.

The provider will not be responsible to the user for any matter that may arise relating to the content; it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the content is accurate and meets suitable compliance and regulatory requirements. The provider has no liability towards the user in this respect and the user agrees that the provider will not be subject to any such claim.

The provider does not impose any timeline around these terms, provided they are maintained the user may use the guide for as long as they require to use it.