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How to Order a Video or Videos

When you want to order a video you simply send us an email detailing the video you want to acquire, in the case of multiple titles, the email should clarify the full list of titles you want.

Each and every video is priced at £420, this is the all-inclusive price, with nothing to add. This includes the work we do for you to get the video into your branding and bespoke details.

If you order multiple titles we will provide discounts, which are individually negotiated, depending on how many videos you want, how quickly you want them and the speed of order. This can reduce the price per video very significantly.

Contact us to discuss discounts via email, our contact form or by calling 0800 246 1094.

Once you have ordered the video(s) you want we will build into your branding.

We then deliver the video(s)  to you as an MP4 file for you to keep and use as you like.

You can store this video on your PC/laptop/tablet/phone, and also in YouTube or Vimeo.

We can help you with any technical application, including getting video onto your website.

Using the videos is very simple and they can be used without any technical challenge:

  • On a website
  • Sharing with your contacts via email
  • Shared and viewed on a device in a meeting
  • Or at an event
  • In social media

As any video you have will be in your branding they will be uniquely yours and viewers will see it as your video giving you the benefit of the positive response which educational, animated videos produce.