IHT Video Series

Inheritance Tax – The Impact of Frozen Allowances

Inheritance Tax – Gifting

Inheritance Tax and your Pension

Inheritance Tax – Exemptions and How to Use Them

Inheritance Tax – Life Assurance, Trusts, and Charity

“More and more estates will be dragged into the inheritance tax net”

MoneyWeek, May 2021


A series of five short videos for you to obtain in your branding and with your bespoke details built into each video.

The videos vary from 1.40 mins to 2.40 mins each.

You can then share these and provide a modern way for your audience to learn all about IHT matters.

The educational experience this delivers will:

  • Encourage people to seek further advice
  • Build credibility and trust with any viewer
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Truly engage with new prospects
  • Simplify a complex subject into easy-to-understand terms


*All five videos are suitable for all types of financial advisers to use and for accountants – they can be used by any professional firm that advises clients on IHT matters*