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5 Minute Money E-Guides

Unlike our main guides, which are typically 12 page documents covering their subject matter in detail, our 5 minute money guides (or e-guides) are exactly what they suggest – a quick 5 minute read covering some key bullet points about the subject in the title.

They are a fantastic way for you to get a guide in your brand which is easy to share with your clients and prospects via email and easy to pop onto your website as a giveaway.

Current available titles:

The 5 Minute Money Guide – Investing

The 5 Minute Money Guide – SIPPs

The 5 Minute Money Guide – The Pension Prize

The 5 Minute Money Guide – Planning Your Retirement Income

An overview of how to go about investing, focusing on an asset allocation led approach, which embraces the need to ensure risk management is at the heart of the process. The guide explains the main factors investors need to be concerned with.

The SIPP Guide is an explanation of how SIPPS work and how they differ from other personal pensions. It explains that this is especially good for those in retirement looking to use drawdown and for business people looking for dynamic solutions.

Describes in simple and quick terms the importance of focusing on getting the best returns, trying to remind investors not to put up with poor returns, not to ignore their pension and to get the best help in managing their funds.

Explains some top level thinking around the common aspects investors need to consider as they plot their retirement income, providing them with some facts and figures, as well as some guidance towards solutions.

The real key here is these will be in your brand; you may well have pens, mugs or even tax tables in your branding but do you have educational material in your branding? This is what guides offer – a branded educational “tool” for you to share with your audience.

These new “5 minute” guides are aiming to give you an alternative to the bigger more detailed guides. We sometimes refer to them as e-guides, because they will be best used electronically and we supply them in a file (in your branding and house style), in electronic format.

Get these in your branding for just £245 per title.

(With discounts if you take 2 titles, total cost is £395; if you take 3 titles total cost is £495 and all four titles £575)

To see details of any of the guides, please complete the form below and we will send you an unbranded sample copy: