Online Positioning For
Firms in the Financial and Accountancy Sectors

From bespoke video creation to dynamic website designs, embrace the future of AI to redefine how you engage with clients and operate your business.

What is Online Positioning?

How you position your business online is the complete expression of your business to an online audience.

As we move forward and the pace of technology advancement accelerates more and more people are going to see you online, often for the first time, maybe for the only time.

They are going to make decisions about how your business based on this one view, the online view, so how you structure your entire presence online matters more than anything else.

When you position your business in the most efficient way, results improve, such as new enquiries and more.

We help firms with that positioning.

How is your proposition presented?

You used to present your proposition almost exclusively offline. But today it has reversed. Now it is more  online.

Those skills you developed to do this in person, now need to be transferred to the digital world.

This places a premium on your website to clearly express your proposition, and to sell your business, its ethos, values and benefits.

Most financial and accountancy firms fall into a trap, they use their website to tell people about the business and to provide information.

But forget to sell, demonstrate and express the proposition in benefit form to the viewer.

They also isolate their website as something standalone, rather than as an integrated part of the entire business as it appears online.

We help firms with the presentation and integration of their proposition



Your website is the most important representation of your business, you proposition and is your chance to engage with new people as well as present everything you want to the outside world. Getting this into its optimum position, with suitable content, dynamic in nature requires skill and expertise, and is very different in 2024 to any point before.

Google Business

Adapt and thrive in the online landscape with a site that’s not just responsive but actively enhances your positioning on Google.

Social Media

We guide you through the labyrinth of social platforms, using advanced AI tools to manage and elevate your social media presence.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI in developing and implementing highly-targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your clients’ needs and desires.

Micro Sites and Landing Pages

For many firms having one site makes no sense, if you have multiple channels of business, there can be powerful reasons for having dedicated sites or landing pages to describe the specific service offering. So you can think of your online web presence as exactly that – a web of interconnected sites or landing pages. We can help you construct this.

About Us

Who We Are

We are just about unique in your sector, as we are the only firm that works on this online positioning aspect and have access to readymade media and content and know the financial and accountancy sectors in detail and can build or redo websites and have access to significant Artificial Intelligence tools to support you.

What We Offer

We always work on this basis: we want to understand what your business objectives are, precisely and then marry these to your positioning in the online space, and how this impacts what you could be doing with your website. So, every bit of work we do is based purely on your objectives, meaning we shape everything towards what it is you need and want.

Tailoring Content for You

We have an enormous library of financial and accountancy content, including videos and guides. We can build bespoke guides, bespoke videos, help write video content if you want to record something yourself direct to camera, editing facilities and an unrivalled ability to write detailed and tailored content just for you.

Beyond Content Creation

Your website needs viewers and positioning involves getting your business proposition in front of a bigger audience, we call this your ‘reach’. The further you can extend your reach, the greater your number of prospects. This can all be measured and we can show you how to extend your online presence so that you bring many more people moving towards you, at the same time as expressing your proposition in a compelling way.