Online Positioning For
Financial Advisers and Accountants

Websites, micro sites, landing pages, social media, digital marketing, Google Business - this all represents how you appear to the outside world. This is your opportunity to present your proposition, and in 2024 this matters more than ever.

How Much?

In 2024 you should be wary of overpaying for your website build, design, service. Costs have been coming down, but most website providers have been putting their prices up.

We offer exceptional site services, whatever your requirement we are confident we will offer you a better option at a much lower cost.

Independent Check - specialists in your sector

We specialise in Financial Services and Accountancy. Covering all the bases, we have the skills and team to bring you the most up to date website you desire.

But it doesn’t stop there, we have the biggest library of resource to assist you, video, guides, calculators, interactive tools, and multiple plug ins.

Every site is unique

We always build the site you require, bespoke to the brief you give us. Every bit of work is built upon the unique requirements you have, so you shape the site to the precise position you want it to get to, we do the rest.

Translating your business proposition, brand and values into the site you want your viewers to see.

Aligning the parts

Online positioning means aligning each part of what you present so that it presents a coherent picture.

So, your You Tube channel, your Google display box, your social media pages, when these all sing to the same tune and work together it creates a powerful force, that results in more views, more reaction, and ultimately more business.



We can create and design a new site or elevate/enhance an existing site. We work closely with our customers to integrate the appropriate content to match their specific needs and desires.

Google Business

The relationship between your site and your Google Business Account has become crucial to support how your business is projected when a search is conducted. We can help you align your site with Google to gain maximum effect, bringing your site to the attention of new prospects.

Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all representations of your business and its brand, we support the connection between your site and
these all-important platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

With new tools becoming available on a monthly basis, we can integrate the latest technology to enable you to grow your audience, measure everything and power forward with interactive elements, all coming from the AI innovations.

Micro Sites and Landing Pages

If you have multiple channels of business, there can be powerful reasons for having dedicated sites or landing pages to describe the specific service offering. So you can think of your online web presence as exactly that – a web of interconnected sites or landing pages. We can help you construct this.

About Us

Who We Are

Independent Check provide digital products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of financial intermediaries and accountants. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional educational material that not only enhances your brand but also equips you with the tools you need to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

What We Offer

Our educational products are available for you to have in your branding and with your details embedded. We produces animated videos via Own Branded Videos and White-Labelled Guides and Brochures through IC Guides. This gives you the educational material you need to share with your audience. We also have our own range of online calculators, tailored interactive tools, and plug ins. With our website service we can bring all of these and utilise on your site, as you need them.

Tailoring Content for You

We can produce bespoke content about your business, your proposition, and ideas. Using a combination of our own expertise and modern large language models, we can shape how you present your content to meet whatever goals you have.

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