IFAs Support

The primary objective of this development is promoting – generically – independent financial advice and IFAs.

To fund this our aim is to work with IFA firms or individual IFAs nationwide, spread across all regions. With each of these firms or individuals paying £147 per year.

A firm can ‘sign up’ to our agreement or an individual can, as long as they are an IFA!

The agreement is for a year at a time, and if the firm/individual does not want to renew after a year there is no obligation to do so.

The agreement is incredibly simple, reflecting, in part, the relatively
informal nature of this arrangement.

The £147 payment, payable in advance helps us with the costs of developing the site and the marketing.

Once under agreement the firm/individual is notionally allocated a region, which is just for organisational purposes to match enquiries. Regions are capped on IFA numbers based on population in a region.

Agreements can be formed via an email exchange. We send you the basic agreement outlining the terms – you can accept by email response.

IFAs will be offered enquiries in their region as they arise across the site. They can accept or reject these as they see fit, and there is no mandatory payment for any enquiry.

To take this forward, if you are an IFA please complete the following enquiry form, you will see there are different options to pursue this, so please tick the boxes carefully:

*subject to the region being available