Optimise Your Website's Financial Planning with Bespoke Calculators

Welcome to our suite of meticulously crafted financial adviser calculators. If you've experienced frustration with inaccurate or unreliable calculators on your website, our solution is here. Our calculators are built in-house, ensuring precision and reliability, saving you time and providing accurate financial insights for your visitors.

Online Calculators

Inheritance Tax Calculator

Simplify the intricate process of inheritance tax planning for your audience.

Pension Shortfall

Strategise effectively for retirement by pinpointing potential pension fund shortfalls.

Loan Repayment

Assist your visitors in estimating loan repayment schedules effortlessly.


Offer valuable insights into potential investment returns based on diverse scenarios.

Mortgage Repayment

Navigate the path to mortgage freedom with our Mortgage Repayment Calculator.

Mortgage Overpayment

Optimise your mortgage strategy with our Overpayment Calculator, highlighting savings and term reductions from extra payments.

Why Choose Our Calculators


Save Time: Streamline your clients’ financial planning process by integrating our accurate, in-house-built calculators directly onto your website.


Boost Confidence: Demonstrate your dedication to professionalism and precision by utilising our bespoke calculators, crafted in-house for reliability.


Enhance User Experience: Keep visitors engaged and informed with intuitive, easy-to-use calculators, delivering actionable insights.


Individual Calculator

£9.50 / month

Bundle Deal (all 6 calculators)

£35 / month

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