Unique Partner Deal

An innovative market development, ideal for entrepreneurial adviser firms

If you are a financial services firm interested in working with an international website targeting the over 50s, receiving enquiries for retirement advice in your region, then please give us a call or fill out the short enquiry form below.

The nature of this site and deal is:

  • You will have exclusive regional access to enquiries generated by the site in your region
  • This site is completely different to anything else in the market
  • It features and focuses on helping viewers learn about increasing their health span
  • Plus, how to get fit at any age
  • Plus, how to move their financial planning from an accumulation strategy to a decumulation strategy
  • And encourages everyone approaching retirement or  in retirement to get a personal cash flow organised with the regional partner
  • It offers viewers lifestyle deals from retailers and businesses
  • It offers an online clothing store
  • Partners get to share in all site revenue, as well as receiving enquiries
  • Partners get links to and from this site, potentially generating significant SEO value
  • Partners get access to and use of the site’s Intellectual Property

Who will this work for?

If you are looking to develop your business, have an entrepreneurial approach, wanting to explore new avenues of business, have the capacity to deal with high quality retirement planning enquiries on a regular basis, and to share in the expansion of a completely new type of proposition, then this will work for you.

How you can find out more?

If you like the sound of what is being put together and we think you will be perfect for the partner deal, then we will arrange to meet and go through every aspect of the arrangement with you.