Bitesize Guides

These Bitesize Guides are available for you to get a branded version of any number of these titles you want to use. You can buy one title or all eleven, or any number in between. Each guide is £185. But if you buy more than one title you will start to get a discount to reduce the per title price.

Please let us know which ones you would like and we will quote you a price. To find out more detail about any one, simply click through and from there you can request to view it. These are delivered to you to use as an electronic PDF. So you can email to your clients, put on your social media, on your website, or all of these. They will be produced for you in your branding, with your details embedded into the guide and this includes constant references to your service offering.  The branding element is comprehensive.

#1 - Five things you should do to protect your Business from disaster

#3 - Five top tips on how to improve your financial future

#2 - Seven common mistakes people make with their Pensions or ISAs

#4 - Five top tips on how to protect your wealth

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    #5 - Five tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones

    #6 - Four key steps on how to become financially free

    #7 - Retiring soon? About to retire? Just retired? Then learn all about decumulation

    #8 - Why you should put your life assurance policies into trust

    #9 - Four financial planning ideas you simply must know

    #10 - Four ways to spot if you have an under-performing pension plan

    #11 - Six big risks to your retirement – and how to manage them