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Your Own Brochure Video

If you want to create a completely bespoke animated video about you and your firm, as an introduction to your services – then you have come to the right place.

You will see we have a library of subject-matter videos for you to use. We have the expertise and the know-how to build quality animated video.

We can use this expertise to help you build a completely unique introductory video for your firm. A video which will be developed as follows:

  • Based on your ‘brief’ and ‘instructions’
  • Probably in the range of one minute in duration (but this can be varied)
  • All about you and your firm
  • Once your brief has been supplied to us, we will create a storyboard and agree this before moving onto the production
  • The Production will be fully animated
  • With professional Voice Over
  • Subject to your editing instructions through the build process

What you will end up with is a bespoke, unique and highly professional video to use to introduce your firm and explain more about you.

The cost?

Production costs, from start to finish will always be based on the time it takes to produce, all the production steps involve time, from different specialists. Any production will always need to be priced up based on the actual brief agreed.


To find out more and get more details about the process involved and to get a quote for your firm please complete the short form below: