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How To Get People To Love Your Site

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How to get people to love your site

The speed of technological development, aligned to the way people go about their business, has changed in just the past few years.

Many financial firms and accountants seem to have their websites constructed for a different era that has passed now.

Back in the day you needed a site to legitimise your business. Then it moved on and a site became a mini hub to tell people more about your business so they may pick the phone up or learn what business you are.

Then, it became an area to list out your team, and to put up some info, such as blogs or newsletters.

Today – 2022, a website needs to be an action-packed experience.

When viewers look at a site, they will give it a matter of seconds unless there is something on there that grabs them and says, “look at this!”

They will expect you to look respectable, to have qualifications, to use words like “trust” and “service” and “relationship” and to present yourself as a quality business.

None of that matters much because it is the default expectation.

What they need is something more and that boils down to giving them enormous value, quick and easy to access. Tips, ideas, resource such as video, calculators, guides, case studies, “how to” prompts, money saving or making options, all geared to knocking them over with what you can do for them.

And then they will love your site, come back to it time and time again, interact with the site and then reach out for your help.

We can evolve your site, to achieve this.