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Planning your Retirement Income

There are certain “points in time” when people start to look for ideas, information and help. One of those is when an individual is closing in on retirement and has to start thinking how to manage their finances through this crucial period. Having a video which gives top-level ideas and covers those all-important factors is…
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Savings and the Power of Compounding

The value of saving and selling this to an audience is enormous. Advisers and Planners who can stimulate and encourage savings amongst their clients and prospects will thrive. This video pushes these values hard and getting this into use under your brand will provide you with an effective tool to engage with a wide audience.

Arranging a Mortgage

This is a video which outlines how mortgages work at a basic level, at the same time as explaining the main factors that need to be considered when anyone is looking at mortgage, whatever their position on the property ladder. It is a great starter for bringing interested parties to your door if you are…
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Pension Consolidation

Millions of people across the UK have past pensions accumulated, often a rag bag of different plans which have no link to one another. This video explains both the concept of pension consolidation, plus the benefits of doing so. It balances this by also looking at the potential disadvantages and how individuals can weigh up…
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Equity Release

This is one of the most important subjects in Financial Services where providing a clear and easy-to-understand explanation is basically a requirement. This video will support any situation where someone is looking into this subject, whether they are at the first stage or a more advanced stage, it will act as an effective aid to…
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The Residence Nil Rate Band

If ever there was a subject that is better demonstrated with pictures, rather than words, then the RNRB is that subject. What seems a simple extension to the IHT rules, as you know, is anything but simple. This video explains the basic rules around the RNRB, but then, more than this, outlines how this needs…
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Pension Freedom

This video is an overview of the main aspects, plus the key points and – more relevant still – how people need to consider their options. In this respect the need for advice, so crucial in most cases, is accentuated.

Rebalancing Your Investment Portfolio

This video explains the principle of rebalancing and why it is crucial for investors to understand this important concept. Any Adviser Firm that helps clients with rebalancing their portfolios will be able to use this explanation as it provides an overview, rather than any particular method.

Asset Allocation and Diversification

This video shows your audience the the Importance of Asset Allocation and Diversification in Everyday Investing. The video focuses on key points such as why  managing risk is the most important aspect when you invest.

Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax

This video will show your audience why Estate Planning is not simply about saving tax, and how experienced and qualified help can make a huge difference.