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Tax Year Checklist

Tax Year Checklist

tax_year_cover3DThe End of the Tax Year Checklist and Financial Planning Guide


A guide aimed at helping clients and connections check off all the important end of the tax year planning opportunities.

Written in a concise format, this is a guide which is especially good for you to communicate quickly and widely to your existing clients. It is also a fine way of cementing your relationships with professional connections.

Clearly, this is a time sensitive guide only applicable through the final weeks of the end of the 2014 tax year.


Contents include:

  • A check list against the main tax and financial planning opportunities
  • Flagging areas where if allowances aren’t used – they will be lost
  • Covering the main changes that will take place this tax year against next tax year
  • Scanning ISAs, Pensions, Income, Capital Gains and Inheritance tax planning, EIS and VCT opportunities
  • Encouraging the value of individuals taking specialist advice to ensure they have all their bases covered

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