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Long Term Care Research Report

Long Term Care Research Report

A unique research report, first published in 2013, now updated to 2017, which suggests that 50,000 people in the UK may be missing out on NHS Continuing Healthcare.

This is an opportunity for leading Financial Planners and Financial Advisers to use this research under their own brand, to provide invaluable information to their clients and to attract significant new business flows.

The research focuses on the government’s own statistics.

The aim is to provide you with valuable information to share with your clients and contacts.

Contents include:

  • Explaining what NHS Continuing Healthcare is
  • How people are judged eligible
  • Explaining that this is not a means-tested benefit
  • Providing the research and how the 50,000 figure is estimated
  • Sections to support your brand and how people can get help to find out more about this and about Long Term Care funding in general

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