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The Legacy Guide

The Legacy Guide

Over the past few years the concept of Legacy Planning has taken hold, with clients beginning to recognise this as a specific exercise.

It is attractive to them, the core idea of taking steps  and putting in place plans to meet their legacy wishes.

The problem for many clients will be that they like the thought of doing something in this way, but have no real clue exactly how to go about this.

This is where your expertise and advice comes in, and what better way to introduce this to your clients and contacts than through a guide.

The Legacy Planning Guide is exactly what you need to provide suitable contacts with that introduction.

It takes a top down approach, looking at what someone needs to consider and to start taking action in this regard.

This is a guide which can be used with existing clients, new prospects, professional connections, on your website, in person, in presentations and on social media.

The key with any guide is will it produce a return and response? Yes, is the case for certain with this guide, because it takes a popular concept, which people like, but have no real idea how to deal with it.

That leads to conversations and meetings where you can then provide the solutions, the planning and the advice.

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