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The 2014 Budget changes to pensions and ISAs

budget_coverThe 2014 Budget changes to pensions and ISAs


A guide which outlines the changes made to pensions and ISAs in the 2014 budget, explaining the financial planning implications and opportunities. Described as the most important changes in pension legislation for a generation, this is a guide which will help your clients and contacts understand how to approach the new landscape in front of them.

This is NOT a basic Budget summary, but a Financial Planning Guide on pensions and ISAs, focusing on how the choices and decisions available to people have changed as a consequence of the 2014 Budget.

Making a guide available is a wonderful way for you to communicate these changes and the resulting issues arising to all your contacts, putting your financial planning brand and expertise at the forefront of the communication.

Contents include:

  • An overview of all the relevant Budget changes to pensions and ISAs
  • How retirement income options will now be different and the considerations for retirees as a result
  • The new financial planning opportunities that arise for savers and investors
  • How to assess the balance of monies to invest between ISAs and pensions
  • Sections to support your brand, how people can get help to make the most of these changes and the importance of using specialist financial planning help, along the way

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