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Starting A Business – How Your Accountant Can Help You

Starting A Business – How Your Accountant Can Help You

Principally for Accountants to use with their clients, this is a guide for accountants to use and promote to existing clients or potential clients looking to start their own businesses.

The guide outlines all the major considerations anyone thinking of, or in the early stages of, starting their own business has to tackle. It will provide a wonderful tick list of those considerations, with some helpful tips in each case.

The guide explains why the early stages are so crucial, how the start-up phase builds a foundation for future outcomes and the importance of getting everything properly in place. It is empathetic as well, explaining how important it is that a start-up has professional help and from a source that understands those particular pressures of the early years.

There is a clear link between the issues and requirements facing the new business owner and the service and support you can give them.

You can have this guide with your branding applied, with all your details attached so that you can help your audience learn more about this subject and position your firm as the best home for them to turn to for that all-important help.

You can also have the guide title amended so that instead of the wording “How Your Accountant Can Help You” you can have this replaced with “How
Firm Name Can Help You”. This means you can really use – and get great value from – the branding aspect in presenting this guide.

To obtain more details of what is in the guide, its layout and length simply complete the short form below and we will email you our PDF giving you everything you will need to order this from us (including the cost).

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