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Sole Trader, Limited Company or Partnership?

Sole_Trader_Cover_3DSole Trader, Limited Company or Partnership?

This is a guide for those of you looking to help people in business, may be just starting out in business, who need to consider their business structure.

It is a straightforward guide, aimed at providing a clear explanation of the different structures available to businesses, with an illustration of the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

The purpose of the guide is to position you, the accountant or financial planner, as the source of help for those people and businesses looking to weigh up their options.

It sits as a guide in the bracket of ‘invaluable information and guidance’, something which we know produces huge brand benefit for the professional individual or firm supplying the information.

Using this guide – under your brand, with your specific sections “About Us” and “Contact Us” within the guide – is a fantastic way to inform your audience (clients/prospects) at the same time as providing brand value.

If you are engaged with helping/advising people and businesses on their best structures or you are looking to capture businesses, at or close to their start-up stage, this guide will produce a huge ROI, if used regularly and proactively.

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