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How to Invest in a Drawdown Pension

How to Invest in a Drawdown Pension


This guide outlines the various considerations your readers will need to make – with your help –around the investment structure of a Drawdown Plan. This will be the most important aspect for them, they will know that with your advice, the technical factors will be taken care of. What will matter to them is understanding the investment side. That all-important balance between generating a return to cover their income needs, whilst managing the downside position.

The guide will take your reader through this step by step and outline how the investment strategy can be formed, managed on an ongoing basis and constantly reviewed.

It will tally with your investment process and will provide compelling reasons why your expertise is so important in this arrangement.

The guide will be of use and great interest to anyone close to retirement, entering retirement and also those already retired running a drawdown plan.

To obtain more details of what is in the guide, its layout and length simply complete the short form below and we will email you our PDF giving you everything you will need to order this from us (including the cost).

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