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How to invest for income in a low interest rate environment

Invest_BookHow to Invest for Income in a low Interest Rate Environment

A guide examining how investors can approach investing for income in an environment of low interest rates; it aims to put forward a series of suggested ways that investors can overcome the low rate on savings accounts and boost their income.

The guide includes a careful appraisal of the different income options investors have and explains how asset allocation techniques allow investors to seek out higher income levels whilst controlling the risk on their capital invested.

The guide can be used as part of a servicing proposition with existing clients or as part of any marketing to attract new clients.

Contents include:

  • An overview of the different income generating investments available
  • How to invest for income, looking especially at the risk nature of different approaches
  • The importance of appropriate asset allocation
  • An assessment of the tax position
  • The importance of getting specialist and expert financial advice

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