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How Financial Planning Helps You Manage Longevity Risk

How Financial Planning Helps You Manage Longevity Risk

There is a growing realisation amongst the Financial Planner’s audience, those clients you are already dealing with and those who will be your future clients, how Longevity Risk is beginning to dominate each and every part of the planning process.

Despite this, is the Longevity Risk properly understood? Are the extensive factors which Longevity Risk influences fully known?

This is a subject with real depth. For example many people may mistakenly attach importance to their life expectancy without realising that this is not their most likely age of death. Likewise, do many people follow the principle that risks around investment returns, inflation and care fees are all ‘factors’ of Longevity Risk?

Those other risks are all compounded by longevity. An individual or couple will have limited concern around inflation, in their retirement years, unless they live a long time. Then it is a major factor.

Building on work from the US, this guide takes the reader through the very essence of risk as it applies to someone who will live a long life and explains why this may transform their thinking towards savings for retirement, how they allocate their money in retirement and how they might have to reconsider some of their planning.

The guide illustrates the incredible importance of structured financial planning in the process of dealing with this risk and how using a financial planner is one of the only sure fire ways of putting themselves in a better place.

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