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A Guide to Cash Flow Financial Planning

A Guide to Cash Flow Financial Planning

This is a guide for those of you who use cash flow financial planning as a central part of your client proposition. It is not specific to any software, the guide explains the basic principles of cash flow planning and why it is such a wonderful exercise for anyone to pursue who is serious about their long-term future prospects.

In particular it takes criticisms of cash flow financial planning and refutes them, by explaining to the reader what cash flow planning is NOT. It explains that it is not a means to a pinpoint outcome, which critics often say is impossible. They are, of course, correct – no-one can predict the future with any certainty or accuracy.

The guide explains why this is not the point, the critics misunderstand this, the point is that it allows the skilled financial planner to look at future pathways and scenarios with their clients and begin to understand where the shortfalls might be, what the investment strategy should be, how the future picture looks depending on different assumptions, all of which produces invaluable information which, in turn, steers the financial planning.

The guide is a powerful expression of the huge value of cash flow planning, with, as usual, a clear call to action to your expertise.

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