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Website Management Service v1

The problem with most sites – Can you relate to this?

There is a very high chance that your website doesn’t produce anywhere near its potential return.

In the UK we have surveyed hundreds of intermediary websites including some that have won awards and using freely available analytical tools can see that they are under-performing.

That under-performance is normally extreme. And what a waste that is.

That means those sites have poor technical credentials, making it an uncomfortable experience for site viewers, or they don’t get any site viewers to speak of, or both.

Most sites will attract a fraction of the enquiries they could be attracting, as calls to action are typically very poor.

Resource made available via a site is typically not married to what people are looking for, with far too much emphasis put on Google search stats, which are well-known to be more valid in certain sectors than others.

We help firms develop sites that do the following:

Our own site generates, directly from the site, around 50 new enquiries per month, so we know how to develop a site to produce steady enquiry numbers, of exactly the sort of enquiries you want and at the right pace.

Too much emphasis is on style or branding or “About Us”

We are going in the exact opposite direction to just about every other website firm or consultancy in the market. It’s not that we think the list above (style, branding, “About Us”) is unimportant or should be ignored, but the balance is all wrong.

A typical viewer of a Financial Services Intermediary site wants a handful of things provided and to a high-quality threshold. And this starts with unique content.

It is then followed by a clear understanding of how their lives will be improved if they contact you. And then they want an incentive, to at least get in touch and chat.

All sites should be marketing-led

Too many sites are effectively online brochures or designed for existing clients.

They are there to tell people “About us” and to prove “Our credentials”

It is likely your existing clients are the best source for generating new enquiries.

So, they need the exact same inspiration and incentives as a new viewer.

Most of your clients will have a skewed understanding of your business, based on their own experience.

Your website gives you the perfect opportunity to broaden this experience.

What we do

We don’t host sites, we don’t manage sites in a conventional sense, we work with business owners to make sure their sites are hitting all the crucial numbers, transforming sites to become as close to their potential (as measured by relevant site visitors, time spent on a site and enquiry numbers) as possible.

We agree goals with the business owners and then work on your site to make all of this happen. We don’t get involved with SEO; we don’t offer technical support.

But we do offer results as measured by the key metrics:

This may involve us helping you with social media and generic marketing activities (to force those numbers up).

We most commonly work on projects for 3-4 months and charge a monthly fee whilst we build or rebuild a site to achieve the results/goals. We can then sustain a relationship from there if required, but every case is unique.

To find out more and to understand better the work we have done, are doing and how we can support you to transform your site, please use the form below to contact us and we will arrange for an initial discussion.