Transformation for Everyone

In one stunning way you are not unique.


Indeed, you are an effective clone of every human that is alive today.


In this sense:


Every human being is constructed around the exact same ‘system’.


That means the way we are conceived/created, develop before birth, are born, develop after birth, and then evolve through childhood and adulthood is  the same, system-wise.


Not one human being alive today chose to be born.


They did not choose who they were born to, the environmental circumstances they were born into, or the people, including family, around them.


That identical system from person to person develops along the same lines for every person. The way the mind evolves, the conscious/subconscious, the way the heart connects to the brain, the number of cells you have, the way these cells appear, what is in them, how they die and so on, the nervous system, the autonomic system – all work the same for everyone, some of this you are born with, some arises through your life.


The size of your brain, the number of neurons (which are brain cells) how the tapestry of the brain works, how it connects through the spinal cord, how your emotions are ‘created’, the hormonal functioning, the glands, the thinking mechanism (through the cortex) – all are effectively the same system working in different operating “bodies” which are what you may call “you” and that is the same system for us all.


No-one is unique, of course sometimes glitches or variances appear within the system, through defects or anomalies, but these are largely peripheral to the commonality of the system.


It is the bits that come out of the system that create your uniqueness, from the colour of your eyes, to your facial features and much, much more but including how you think, perceive and determine the world around you, that produces the unique elements. Some of this turns into character and personality. And so you become “you” – but make no mistake, this is all built on a common operating system.


It is this system which is especially important to us in the transformation work.


That’s because, modern humans, or what you might call ultra-modern humans, have something quite incredible at their fingertips. A significant understanding of how this system arises, works and, crucially, how it can be altered.


Previous generations had a version of this understanding but they weren’t able to scan the brain, take images, see what happens when we think or how emotions arise, getting right into the brain and its intimate workings. It is only in the past thirty years that this has occurred.


The entire system is – in effect – an extension of how the brain works. All the moving parts are working from the brain’s activities and instructions.


These moving parts are astonishing, in terms of their numbers, their sophistication, and how they interact. The system comprises 50 trillion cells around 86 billion of which are neurons in the brain. Each cell is a little bit of the whole, with its own organic system of atoms, with a membrane, with coding and so on.  They are little pockets of energy with an imprint of the whole within them.


In each cell are trillions of atoms. These numbers are astonishing, leading to the conclusion that your system is a living version of its own universe.


From this system your experience of existence arises. This is what we might call your sense of being.


We know that this experience or sense, what could be classed as your perception of being ‘you’, can be altered.


Humans have known this for thousands of years, and worked out, mainly through spiritual practices, how to engender a different experience, during a lifetime.


It is only humans that seem to have had this capacity, this level of self-awareness, and the higher cognition, to have this available to them. Horses, dogs, giraffes, snails and mice don’t have any of this. Even our closest genetic relatives such as chimpanzees don’t have this capacity or ability.


The self-awareness that we have, coupled with that intellectual understanding, has led to a situation where for any individual, operating to the common system of being a living human,  they have it within their grasp to alter themselves to such an extent that they can completely change their experience of being alive.


This is now accelerated and accentuated by the rapid technological advancement which allows neuroscientists to accurately predict many of the workings of the brain.


So, for example, we now know what steps to take to create new neural networks in the brain. We can now see what happens within the brain when we pursue certain practices. It is only in the past few decades that it has become understood just how malleable the brain is, up until relatively recently it was considered that the brain’s workings were rigid. It is now known that the complete opposite is true.


This means we get to the conclusion that we, each of us, have an incredible position, we are the first living organisms in the 3 billion years or so of life on Earth, that both have the ability to alter our system and a high level of knowledge how to do so.


Until life is discovered elsewhere, beyond Earth, and there is no certainty that will ever happen, or that there is any other life elsewhere, then we can conclude further that you and I, as ultra-modern humans, are unique in all of space and time in having this opportunity.


Your unitary system, that you were born with, is consistent with all other humans, and it is because of this that we know how to change it or adapt it, in such a way, that you can transform your experience of being.


The system functions to create this experience. It defaults to a particular type of experience, which we describe as the typical human condition. You can override this, and you can create an enhanced version which we call superhuman.


This is what we do in transformation, we understand that our existing experience is creating a sense of self and that if we do certain things, we can alter this, to create a sense of a new self.


We also understand how this common system works to interact with its environment, and this allows us to make changes to ourselves which effect the environment around us.


This is why we present in one of our talks with the title “A Moment in Time”, each of us is living at a moment where this opportunity has never been more obvious, or more available.


We can tie together the spiritual knowhow of how to live a better life, with the modern technological and scientific understanding, to take practical steps to completely transform our sense of being, our perception filters, and our physical body.


This completely alters our every experience, enhancing our life experience to heights most cannot comprehend and don’t believe are available.


Every single person on this planet, alive today, has the capability to transform, to become a new self, superhuman in nature.