Transform your business by transforming yourself

We do not offer business advice or coaching, but…..


If you are running your own business, a key decision maker or influencer, you might view personal transformation as having greater value than any bespoke business coaching or work you might do in the business to make it grown or transform.


Put another way, if you personally transform you can completely transform your business.


Personal transformation leads to a new self, in a new state of being, that we describe as superhuman in nature.


One of the effects of this new state of being is that your personal inner environment changes. This will lead to your personal external environment changing.

Your state of being changes your personal external environment

One of the most prominent ideas we put forward it that your current state of being (‘current self’) and your future, desired state of being (‘new self’) has a distance between them – what you are and what you want (to be) is represented by this distance, and in the gap between them is where all your desires, frustrations, anxieties and so on exist.


Ultimately, everything you desire can be formulated to your expressed state of being, which internalises it. Most commonly, in the typical human condition we are set, so that we think we move to change what is outside of us to get us to where we want to be.


Being, be and so on, can you see the common thread? We see this all the time in the transformation work, when we dig down, everything relates to being, or how we be, which in normal language, we describe as how we are.


That’s why you  end up, if you do this correctly, realising that everything that you want/desire is a function of what you are.


So, to transform, we change what we are and become (be-come) a new self.


In the process of transforming we work hard on what we are and this includes setting a clear intention. Once we set this intention we then attend to it, by placing our awareness on this in a particular, sustained way.


Not many people want to have a one dimensional intention, and this is correct, except when we look at in terms of state of being, that is the exception.


Put another way, we all have multiple strands of intention, from love to prosperity, from freedom to good health and so on.


This can be broken down further to new houses, new relationships, new holidays and more.


Most people call these goals. And they pursue these, typically, with limited reference to the main intention, or the sole intention, which is the new state of being.


Rather than goal setting, we suggest transforming.


Why? Because if you transform, and become a new self, in a new state of being, from that position you will be skilled at placing your attention on to whatever it is you desire, coupled with living in the present moment.


This allows you to manifest with ease whatever it is you want to bring into your personal external environment. You attract what you are, so if you have transformed, and you are now living in the present moment, with a new energy frequency, and you have reprogrammed, and you are heightened awareness, then your attention is going to be exceptional. You will be aligned and coherent.


This brings things to you at a rapid pace, things that enhance your life.

Relating this to a business

As a business owner, you are then well set to use this transformed personal position towards your business, which forms part of your life and is important to you. So you can now align whatever it is you want your business to do (or to be) as a part of your personal external environment.


You will find that your new energy frequency allows you to perform better, so that you may even work less as you produce more. It allows you to bring new people into your life (who can help transform the business) and events, opportunities and such forth.


As the personal transformation progresses you will find that you are able to shape the reality of your business to whatever purpose or end you have for it, and this includes spectacular growth and success.


In his biography of Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson refers to Jobs “bending reality” on multiple occasions. You see similar references when many such business icons are featured in books or articles.


It is interesting to note that Jobs used spiritual guidance and practised many of the techniques of the personal transformation work, and this includes reference to how he met his wife, which seemed to be a manifestation exemplified.

How we can work together

We can work with anyone to transform, anywhere, of any background, any age.


Although we don’t work on the business, we can factor in the business involvement to the personal transformation coaching, as it is clear this will form a big part of that individual’s life, and we can align some of the aspects of the owner’s needs from their business towards the personal transformation.


If you are seeking to transform your business, then we would invite you to come and talk with us about personal transformation coaching for business owners and influencers  and our dedicated work in this area.


It is likely that the quickest way you can move from current business position to new business position, is attending to personal transformation. You will be mazed at how this can help elevate your business to whatever level you desire.