The Ultimate Flow State

Eight billion humans are alive today – all with the exact same systemised human conditioning.


Every single human is constructed with the same operating system.


As those of you who know me, work with me, and follow me will know I have an amazing affiliation with the late Wayne Dyer. Like Alan Watts, I believe these men to be amongst the most important teachers who lived in the 20th Century.


They both have some amazing words I lean on when it comes to working us towards the ultimate flow state in transformation.


Wayne Dyer talks about the moment you are created, that millionth of a second when some biology connects to form you, a tiny little cell of you, but still you. From that moment you are developing, evolving and you end up being born.


Alan Watts talks about being born “out of this world” not into it. For years I didn’t grasp this, I couldn’t properly understand it.


I do now. It means you are a creation of existing natural world elements, when you are conceived, or created, this occurs from nature represented by your parents and their biology.


So we circumnavigate from one natural state of being, invested in some other human being, into our state of being.


This cycle is immense in its beauty and we are characterised by “being” part of this.


Our quest is to connect to this state of being as closely as we can, because when we do we are pure. When we are pure we get the heightened experience that makes living (or being) so wondrous and so elevating.


There is no possible improvement on this, anything else is inferior.


In the typical human condition, something typically goes wrong. That unitary system which all humans operate around, includes heavy programming, and leads to suffering or struggles. Every single challenge around mental health or anguish, or disappointment leads directly back to the nature of the system, unique it seems to humans.


But also unique is our ability to understand this and to reengineer our entire environment, both our internal personal environment and our external personal environment.


We are able to understand ourselves like no other organism, either living today or that has ever lived.


This means we know how to generate the ultimate flow state.


This is a way of integrating the system, which is absolutely the same in every human, to “flow” or align in such a way that we can change what is inside us, and, amazingly, that has the effect of changing the world around us.


That final point is the bit most people don’t believe. When you transform you will believe this, it is the most incredible part of transformation, and you can only experience this fully when you go through the work.


The ultimate flow state is when you connect or align the two hemispheres of your brain, your entire mind and body, your brain and your heart and you generate the flow of pure energy circulating through your body and without, in the space around you.


This not only alters your internal personal environment biologically and changes all sorts of wiring and firing, the chemicals you produce, it alters how your genes signal and express, the hormones you utilise and more.


The system that makes you – “you” – is so complex and so wondrous in nature, that you can literally consciously instruct it to alter to change everything, including the way you perceive what is occurring.


If you know what to do and you follow this with the right practice, you can re-engineer that biological system entirely and in way that produces magical-type effects. Including what happens in your outer environment, attracting and magnetising different experiences, events and people towards you. When this happens, the circulating nature of your immediate world changes. Hence, you have altered what is happening in the vicinity of yourself, and that is, when you think about it, your world. There is no other world than the one you perceive through your senses and your experience.


This is how you create a new self, still in essence ‘you’ but now represented by a completely different biological entity. Literally, you are a new person, as judged by the human biological markers that make up your human experience.


This is the prize, this is the magic, and every one of us has the ability to do this.