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The Residence Nil Rate Band

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If ever there was a subject that is better demonstrated with pictures, rather than words, then the RNRB is that subject.

What seems a simple extension to the IHT rules, as you know, is anything but simple. This video explains the basic rules around the RNRB, but then, more than this, outlines how this needs to be treated carefully by people who can use the enhanced allowance.

The whole subject of IHT and the related RNRB aspects cry out for help, advice and expertise. The explanation and overview provided by this video aims to help the viewer understand the key factors, the issues that need to be addressed and the reasons why taking advice can make a big difference.

You can use this video, as with any or all the videos, to help with existing client situations, family situations, referrals, as part of your servicing proposition, marketing or social media work. The video can be on your website, emailed to people as and when, used in postings, plus it runs on any device, for example a mobile, so it really works in any way or in any context.

This is a video that will give your viewers enormous value, which will reflect back to you if you make this available under your branding.

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