The immense benefits of transformation

Transformation means moving from old self to a new self. If you transform, you move from your current state of being to a new state of being.


You are likely to be in the typical human condition, so transformation elevates you to the superhuman condition.


Let us explore what you can do once you are in the new superhuman state of being.


Ultimately, you are able to master the transference of energy. This is your personal energy and how it receives from and emits into the world around you, what we call your external personal environment.


The energy interaction elevates in several different ways and this changes things.


It means your perception of everything alters and this knocks into how you experience ‘life’.


We can say, quite literally, that the things around you change.


Your energy transference is different because you have transformed a series of fundamental and heavily linked aspects of your state of being.


  • You will have heightened awareness or consciousness.


  • You replace programmes within your subconscious that are limiting you, with new programmes that are unlimited.


  • You develop super coherence, meaning that your mind and body are synchronising perfectly, your brain and your heart are in total alignment, the two hemispheres of your brain harmonise and your conscious and subconscious minds work together.


  • Your heightened consciousness allows you to master meditation, so you can place your attention exactly where it needs to be placed and you learn how to train this onto your intentions, those wishes and desires that are important to you and elevate your life experience.


  • As a consequence you are able to manifest what you intend, so you also become a master of manifestation, so those wishes and desires can be met with ease through the transference of energy.


  • Your magnetism increases, quite literally, and that new found energy and all that comes from it, means you attract what you require towards you.


  • Your heightened consciousness produces a ‘knowing’ a fundamental, intuitive and innate, understanding which transcends physical effort, so that your attention to changing your internal personal environment creates similar changes in your external personal environment. This is a form of creation, which has often been captured by the phrase “as within, so without”.


  • You achieve this by developing the related state of allowing. You simply have to focus on manging your internal state and the management of your energy, then things start magnetising towards you, including your intentions. You allow life to unfold as it will.


  • You also magnetise people, events and opportunities, creating synchronicities in your environment. Some of these are in line with your intentions, some are “surprises” things you did not expect but which are coming to you on the energy frequency you are emitting and receiving.


  • This produces miracles, which you understand are not magical in nature, but purely things which can be described as “wondrous”.


  • You will enjoy mystical and enhanced metaphysical experiences alongside this, such as lucid dreams that pre-empt waking experiences.


  • Your coherent mind and body provide you with a higher level of immunity and create a youthful effect whatever age you are at, effectively making you younger.


  • You develop presence, which is the same thing as being present, so you start to live more of your life in the present moment. This means the past becomes less relevant to you and the future more attuned to your present state of being. This helps regulates your emotions and feelings, producing a calmness and serenity, so you no longer look to your external environment for anything, as you have all you need within you.


  • You lose attachments to things, people and outcomes, because you no longer need to receive something from your external environment to validate anything.


  • Your condition is beyond serenity, meaning you are joyful, content and able to cope with anything, you have heightened compassion and gratitude and a love of yourself and life which elevates your energy even further.


  • You will experience moments of bliss and euphoria, the natural state of pleasure that requires nothing from outside of you. You can generate this from within.


  • The complete effect of all this eventually leads to oneness, that totally indescribable experience of being at one and unified with the universal fields including the universal consciousness. This is a connection to all things, people, and to existence itself.