The Greatest Life ✨

Transformation means becoming a new self.


The outcome of this is that the new self is primed to lead the greatest life possible.


The attributes of a transformed individual can be described as superhuman.


The basis of transformation is raised awareness and a rewired body, reprogrammed mind.


You cannot reach the end point of the transformation work without getting to know yourself.


This is the only truth about reality you can access. It is the only thing you can ever know.


You think you know about the physical world and all that goes with it, but this is an illusion.


An illusion is often misunderstood as being something that isn’t real, whereas it is not that. It is something that seems real, that is distorted in some way. So, it is real to you when you perceive it as real.


Think of a magic trick, often referred to as an illusion, the magician makes something appear differently to you, than what is really happening.


In science, you can find two experts on consciousness, exceptional people, highly intelligent, who have studied the subject for tens of thousands of hours, and who may agree on certain fundamentals.


But when asked to describe how consciousness arises, or where consciousness stops and starts, or what it means beyond certain physical properties, they will have diametrically opposed opinions.


Their ultimate conclusions around consciousness will be completely different.


The same is true of religion, philosophy and spiritualism, a range of views will be expressed, often polarised at different ends of a spectrum.


You can take your view and you can study the core subjects, to answer the big questions of what life is, who am I,  what consciousness is, is there a God, is there a universal consciousness, is there life after death?


Likewise, you can seek guidance and knowledge to understand how best to live your life.


You can try and practice different ways, techniques or methods of getting to a point of optimum living.


But you will never know.


The only thing you can ever know is yourself.


That is why the transformation centres on the core principle that we must get to know ourselves, who we are and what we are.


This knowing is built on scientific and spiritual grounds.


Using highly developed meditation techniques, we can get to know ourselves fully, and when we do – we transform.


Note – we don’t grow or develop or change our existing self, instead we transform, becoming a new self.


That new self is then able to lead a different life, what we call the greatest life.


You become.


You are in a new state of being.


You are coherent once transformed. This means your heart and brain are working in harmony, as are the two hemispheres within your brain.


Your mind and your body are completely aligned.


Your thoughts and emotions are aligned.


You will have rewired your body, your brain, your heart. Reprogrammed your subconscious.


This leads to positive thinking as your predominant state, positive emotions flowing back and forwards in line with the thinking.


Your energy shifts to a new frequency, producing a vibration which has many effects.


One is that you create a new personal environment. This means the world around you changes, allowing you to create an environment which is in line with your wishes and desires.


This provides you with an effective way to manifest what it is that you want.


This will, in turn, lead you to experience miracles, serendipities and synchronicities occurring in your new life. Your higher awareness allows you to receive these, as you take away striving, resistance, craving and expectation, and replace these with a simple ‘allowing’. Once you do this, new people, events and experiences start to occur.


You are both physical and emotionally well, your immune system is now firing to support you fully, your effective biological age is reversing.


You will have an ability to meditate to meet your every need. Some of these meditations will include departing the physical world and losing all connection to time and space. In these moments you will learn how to access the gap, the space of pure consciousness, where there is nothing.


This and other meditations will lead to feelings of bliss and euphoria.


You will lose attachment to things, people and outcomes, to other’s opinions and judgments.


You will become non-judgemental yourself, and lose negative emotions and feelings such as jealousy, frustration and anxiety.


You will develop true purpose and meaning in your life. The only real meaning is to know yourself, and the transformation will lead to this.


Once you know yourself fully and know who you are and what you are, you will begin to experience oneness, the most blissful experience a human can achieve.


Oneness provides the ultimate connection. Just as everything within you in now aligned and coherent, so in later transformation stages, you start to align with everything.


That puts you in the ultimate flow state, where life is no longer life as you knew it, full of barriers, feelings of being lost or stuck or missing out, things happening to you, it is now one where you create what it is that you want. At this point you will be full of love, abundant, and free.


You will flow effortlessly forward, without fear of anything.




Living the greatest life.