Let’s set aside exactly “how” we become superhuman, and instead focus in this piece on what it is to be superhuman.


What it looks and feels like.


A superhuman is a person who has got beyond the typical human condition.


Super means, when used as a prefix, above, over or beyond. We use beyond as the most accurate description in our definition.

The typical human condition

The typical human condition is established by two main constituents, not knowing ourselves, and being hard-wired.


It is likely that 99%  of people are in this position, for the majority of their lives. Most people for all their lives beyond childhood.


If you do not know yourself, and what you are precisely, then you cannot open up the possibilities available to you that come if you do get to know yourself. Those possibilities are magnificent.


If you remain hard-wired, then you are not able to free yourself fully from in built programmes that will also restrict the possibilities referenced.


Those possibilities when opened are significant. You become free of limiting beliefs, self-defeating thoughts, unwanted habits, limitations of all kinds, and this leads to being able to live in the ultimate flow state, with a different energy frequency, which in turn leads to incredible experiences.


You change your personal environment, which is a way of describing your inner state of being (your internal personal environment) and consequently the world around you (your external personal environment).


You will change the reality around you. It is difficult (if not impossible) to do so if you are in the typical human condition, and, moreover, it is difficult to even see this possibility in that condition.


99% (or more) of people will not believe this is possible, that you can change your reality by changing your inner state.

But that is the experience you will have if you become superhuman, and move beyond the typical human condition.


It starts with getting to know yourself.


It is followed by rewiring and reprogramming.

Getting to know yourself

Getting to know yourself is not the same thing as self-inquiry. Such contemplation may be extremely beneficial, but getting to know yourself in this context, in this work, is based on science, first and foremost.


It is about deep learning of what you are.


What you are is likely to be very different from what you think you are, or how you are likely to self-identify.


In the typical human condition we tend to consider ourselves in a way that is closely related to our thoughts. We tend to create an identity based on our narrative of our life and our past story, and this is heavily played out through thought. So, we develop thoughts based on this background.


We will also see our bodies as being something about us which is identifying us as our physical form (i.e. our body).


We create an “I” or a “me” based on these, and other things, such as other people’s view of us, to develop a picture of what we are.


In the typical human condition if you ask someone what they are, they will most probably say something like “mind and body”. If you ask who they are, the answer will be something like their name, and their history.


Very rarely will anyone say anything about consciousness or awareness.


Yet, close study of the nature of the modern human concludes that awareness is the fundamental identifying feature of what we are.


In this content awareness and consciousness are the same thing.


If you become pure awareness, by changing your state of being to one which is heightened awareness, then you change everything in the most profound way.


Living from heightened awareness, frees us from everything that interferes with all the possibilities.  Self-defeating thoughts, limiting beliefs, and so on – all go.


When we understand what we are, we can learn how to elevate our state of being, and what is possible.


Awareness has no judgment, no resistance, no need for material possessions, it does not recognise the past or the future, except as projections from the mind.


It is both presence and present, which gives rise to oneness.


Once we adjust, or revert, to our true nature, what we really are, we soon lose all those aspects of the typical human condition that cause us difficulty.


So, getting to know precisely what we are helps us to understand what we need to do, to learn, to live in this elevated way.

Rewiring and reprogramming

That must be supported by a further understanding, our minds and our bodies are heavily programmed.


In the typical human condition we are running a series of programmes that are stopping us from accessing so many possibilities.


These programmes are “stored” in our subconscious. This mind – the subconscious mind – is powerful. Verry powerful.


Part of getting to know what we are is the realisation that we are programmed in this way, that our subconscious is so powerful that it runs about 95% of our lives.


Some of these powerful programmes are positive and more than useful to us. But some are not, some are “errors” of some sort, coming from biological forces originally input to protect us or help us to survive.


Most programmes come from our environmental circumstances in the first seven years of our life. Our subconscious habits, patterns of behaviour, beliefs, and the way we view the world, came from these formative years.


The way we are later in life is based on this programming from our early life. There are other factors that will contribute, but this early years subconscious programming is heavily influential.


The negative aspects such as self-defeating thoughts, limiting beliefs, erroneous views of the true nature of the world around us (i.e. we perceive things wrongly) are prevalent in the typical human condition.


Once we realise this, understand it, we can tackle this.

Realisations and breakthroughs

That comes in part from a simple realisation moment, which is then followed by further realisations as we learn more about this, and that eventually leads to breakthrough. Once we reach breakthrough we can get beyond this state and into a new state, free of all this.


This is therefore a combination of realisation and understanding, and structural reprogramming and rewiring.


The realisations come from meditation and related techniques, the reprogramming from developed – and relatively modern – methods of changing our minds and bodies.


Part of this comes from the rapid developments seen in the past 20 years in neuroscience.


We know today, for example, how to conduct exercises to effect a rewiring of our brain, and how to create new neural pathways and networks for beneficial effects.


Doing this work, the meditation and related, the rewiring and the reprogramming, changes us. We have either removed unwanted, unhelpful, limiting programmes, or replaced them with unlimited ones. Ones that elevate us into a new state of being.


Once in that state we are free of the aspects of the typical human condition that restrict possibilities.


All possibilities

Now, we have all possibilities available to us. We no longer allow anything to interfere.


This is why the nature of “allowing” (which is linked to removing resistance) is such an important part of the transformation work.


A superhuman is in the ultimate flow state, allowing everything to unfold as it will, with no forcing, no craving, no unhealthy desire, no judgment, no resistance.


In this state every possibility is already realised. This is difficult to explain, because it is something that needs to be experienced. But it is enough to say this – if you wish to live with all possibilities available to you, then provided you have removed all those obstacles then every possibility is realised.


That is because the word possibility is not the word certainty. You become aware of all possibilities, and that is the realisation.


Hence, all possibilities are realised.


When you arrive at this state of being your life is so different (transformed) you do not go back. You are superhuman, as you are completely free.


Both your internal personal environment and your external personal environment are transformed.


You are not just free, but you have a different perception, energy, you act and behave differently, you think and feel differently. You will be in the ultimate flow state, and from there you create the life you desire.


You can then explore, go on adventures (even if these are just internal explorations of the gap, which can lead to bliss and euphoria) and the pathway ahead of you is immense.


You can and will perform brilliantly in whatever you choose to do.


You will be efficient, but effortless.


You will be a new self.


You will be superhuman.