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Shareholder Protection Calculator

Add a page to your website offering company directors and business owners the chance to get a personalised report around shareholder protection.

If you can create enquiries from company directors or owners looking to find out more about shareholder protection we are sure you will agree these are highly desirable enquiries.

We have a landing page template which includes a shareholder protection plan calculator and a template personalised report that is automated when someone makes an enquiry.


What we can do for you:

> Provide you with a webpage that can be added to your website, in your styling and branding, so it is a ‘natural fit’.

> This page includes an enquiry form which the enquirer fills in to get a shareholder protection ‘personalised report’ – the report includes a calculation around their life assurance amounts.

> Everything is coded so the report/calculation all automates.

> Everything is branded as per your brand.


How it works:

> Assume you acquire all of the above from us, you now have a webpage which allows any site visitor to put in the details of their company, what they believe the company is worth, the name of each shareholder and the percentage that shareholder owns of the company. They then click a button to get their report.

> The report tells them the suggested life cover amount they need to arrange on each shareholder, explains about the cross option agreement needed to support this and generally covers off the principle of shareholder protection assurance.

> It then invites them to request a quote, which they do separately by getting in touch with you.

> All of the above ‘automates’ so your site visitor gets the report straight away as soon as they fill out their details. You will be notified that they have received this (so you can give them a call and ask if they want a quote).


To find out more about this and how we can get this page and facility onto your website, please complete the short form below and we will be in touch to provide all the further details: