Rewire and reprogramme

Transformation is the act of moving from current (or old) self to a new self.


When you transform you move from your current state of being to a new state of being.


That new state of being has immense benefits, and we describe these as the state of being superhuman.


In our events we ask the question of the audience “what do you want?” and then follow this with “why haven’t you got what you want?” – we discuss and test this in an interactive way, with audience members.


We know that in the typical human condition most people don’t really know what they want, so in the transformation programme, this is an early discovery.


Even when we know what we want, we can often be incapable of answering why we don’t have what we want.


We have two parts to the equation, what we want or desire, and how we get what we want/desire.


I can tell you the answers lead to your state of being.


If you are in the typical human condition, it is very difficult to get what you want, if you are superhuman it is easy.


So, we transform our state of being to become superhuman.


To leave the typical human condition, there is nothing more important than to recognise (discover, then realise) that you are in that condition.


Every human on the planet operates to the same system of development, from conception to death. Every human has a childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, assuming they live for a reasonable period, and every one of these individuals has the same basic operating system.


This includes your need to digest, breathe, sleep, regulate, walk, talk and so on. How all this develops and works is heavily programmed, some of it through automatic functions, some through conditioning.


There is no human alive who has a different type of system.


Our differences, let’s call them our identities are surface level, and are basically shaped by a combination of genetics and environment, with the latter being far more important than the former, contrary to popular belief.


However, it is where we are the same that is the key to our work, as we all of us develop along the same lines.


We are born, and we experience a childhood, and in that childhood we basically get programmed by our environmental experience.


This develops our subconscious mind (which is essentially only programmed – when we are born – with our automatic systems) and this mind gets filled up by what it takes in, like someone putting books on an empty shelf or drawing on a blank piece of paper.


These create what we call “programmes”, which in other terms could be described as our inherent beliefs of what the world is like. We “see” the world in a certain way shaped by these early years programmes input into us.


As we get older these programmes are hard-wired into us, and we run them automatically within our subconscious, which is alternatively known as our unconscious mind.


The mind describes the activities of certain parts or functions of the brain, and this mind, the unconscious one, is not available to our conscious experience.


So, in the typical human condition we are running programmes which dictate what we are, and to a great extent who we are, and scientists and researchers estimate this unconscious mind, the part of the brain running “us” is responsible for about 95% of how we are, in other words how we operate within the world.


This explains so much. For instance, why we struggle to use our conscious mind to change much in our world. It’s because our subconscious mind just keeps running the same old programmes, restricting us from proper change (which we call transformation).


This explains why it is so hard to consciously make much difference to what we are doing, as we not only keep doing the same things (which don’t get us what we want – our desires being in our conscious mind) but also why we don’t really know ourselves, because so much of this is going on underneath us, in our unconscious.


Just understanding this is a discovery which can lead to a realisation which can totally alter your life.


The reason this is so important is that the moment you discover/realise this it becomes obvious that to enact truly lasting change (i.e. transformation) you must go inside and change your conditioning or programming.


These programmes are sometimes called limiting beliefs, which means they are inherent, deeply embedded, ways your “system” interacts and “sees” the world, and this impacts what you believe is possible, what you can do in the world, what you can expect and how the world works.


So, you have to identify what the programmes are that you have in you, and you then need to rip them out and put the superhuman programmes in, in their place.


This is reprogramming, the various exercises of changing your operating system, so it is running the most highly efficient, desirable and effective programmes you can locate.


Rewiring is slightly different.


Thanks to modern science, we know that the brain is incredibly malleable, capable of the most amazing changes during a lifetime.


We call it rewiring, because when you understand how this works, that is almost quite literally what you can do and need to do.


It appears that if you do certain exercises, use certain techniques, you can alter the neural pathways and networks to create new effects.


Remember, as you discover all this – you start to realise you are a “system” of all sorts of things, but let’s focus on mind and body. You are not a mind and a body, but mind/body – one thing. The system is hugely interconnected.


Your mind is not separate to your body, it is a part of it, and in a way your body is a part of your mind.


The mind describes certain activities of the brain, and in one place these come through your conscious mind.


However, your conscious mind only really dictates a small fraction (maybe 5%) of what is occurring as your system functions through the world.


So, your entire mind is way bigger than your conscious mind.


Your conscious mind is important, crucial in fact, as it can be seen a little like the pilot of a plane, and has a lot of influence and control on how you operate (how the plane flies, where to etc.)


However as the plane is flying around, most of what is keeping it in the air and most of the work is done automatically, so the analogy is solid.


Reprogramming represents the act of replacing some of those automated parts or functions, whereas the rewiring is more about the command centre.


If you rewire your brain, you alter the mind, and in this case this includes the conscious mind (reprogramming is for the subconscious) – and this produces effects such as thinking differently and perceiving your immediate environment differently. Both of which are parts of the transformation work.


If we put all this together (and we should because you are one system) then the combined effect of reprogramming and rewiring is to completely change you, which is what we call transformation.


The aim is to get into the ultimate flow state, and this involves being programmed with zero limiting beliefs acting as resistance, instead empowered beliefs that support you in every way, and a conscious mind that is now free to create, coherent and clear, allowing you to place the right attention and energy into those all-important desires.


You effectively free yourself of your unhelpful (but powerful) conditioning, that is the hallmark of the typical human condition.


If you do the work to reprogramme and rewire, you change everything and you become a new self, superhuman in nature.


It is estimated that only 4 out of every 1,000 people do this, and part of the reason why it is so few is that we never discover this basic position in our lives, we never fully understand that this is the true state we are in.


Modern humans are unique, as we have the tools available to us to discover this, as well as the tools to change it.


We use all those tools in transformation.


Discover, realise, breakthrough.

Change, shift transform.


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