Radical Ideas ⚡

In moving from current or old self to a new self, there are multiple parts to the transformation work which will take the individual into unfamiliar territory.

Current or old self means experiencing the typical human condition, and the transformation to new self means becoming something very different.

The typical human condition signifies not knowing who or what we are, being programmed in a set way, and wired in a particular fashion.

This creates the feelings of being stuck or lost, unsure of what everything is all about, having little idea of our purpose in life, or that life has no meaning to us.

In some cases, for people considered successful and happy in the physical world, they may have a feeling that there is more, that there is something beyond them that they can’t access or know.

Modern science is proving that the potential – or the possibilities – we have available to us are way bigger than we previously realised.

It explains why we don’t realise all the possibilities available to us, why we strive, crave, resist, why we have self-limiting beliefs, why we damage ourselves with self-defeating thoughts, why we can’t have the elevated emotional experience we desire.

All of which are attributes of the typical human condition.

The idea that we can change all of this is radical on its own, but it’s when we get into how we can change this, the specifics, that we take people into unfamiliar areas.

This normally starts with the work to accept that when we zone in closely we realise that we don’t know ourselves.

Getting to know ourselves fully and properly, who we are and what we are, is an early breakthrough in transformation.

This involves understanding the programming we are subjected to, the simple fact that we are conditioned to the point where 90/95% of our daily operating life is dictated by these subconscious programmes.

What we believe, how we act, our behaviours and habits are all subject to this programming, and this is mainly from our early childhood.

So, an adult is acting out behaviours in their life established by what they learnt in their formative years. Those programmes were put into us by other people, for example parents, siblings and teachers, who we watched, listened to and learned from. Our early years environment dictates what we become.

That gets so hard wired into us, that it becomes next to impossible for us to change, unless we change the programmes.

This explains why so many self-growth or personal development efforts either fail or require huge effort to sustain.

This explains why changing from negative to positive thinking alone cannot change much, or sustain any meaningful growth in our lives. This explains why it is so difficult to shift the deepest limiting beliefs or habits or negative thought.

Unless you change the programmes, you cannot transform.

Transformation changes the programmes.

The idea of possibilities is related to this. Most of us don’t fully realise the extent of the possibilities we have in front of us, or their magnitude.

Every one of us have the possibility of living life in a totally different way, to the typical human condition. We all attract into our lives the conditions of our lives, and few of us realise that we can create the attraction we want to create.

You have a personal environment, that only exists because you exist.

Once you exist you create your personal environment.

Without you, before birth or after death, there is no personal environment. Nothing exists. It only exists because you exist.

Modern science is beginning to evidence that consciousness may survive our deaths, this is an exciting time to be alive as every day science is evidencing just how little we really understand about our potential and the nature of reality.

Your personal environment describes what happens during your lifetime around you  – ‘your world’ – and you create this world, through perception and attraction.

If you change how you perceive your environment and change the way you attract, your personal environment changes.

Transformation provides the basis for changing your perception and changing your level of attraction.

The idea that your thoughts represent who you are is totally wrong.

Most of us identify ourselves in a very close way with our thoughts. We see them as us. So, we think of the mind as representing the self.

Yet, we perceive our heart as separate. You will consider your heart, if you are in the typical human condition,  a something you have. Do you see how odd that is? You consider your mind as ‘you’ but your heart as an organ within you, doing what it does.

Why don’t you consider your heart as ‘you’?

The real you is your awareness and everything else works from this. You have to get to understand yourself as awareness, and that your thoughts and your body, your brain and your heart are all components serving you to live your life.

If you start to become truly aware of your own awareness and its intelligence, purity and the endless possibilities it offers, you will shift into a completely different position.

You can raise your awareness and to levels you didn’t even know existed.

When this occurs transformation occurs.

The idea of coherence is game changing. Your heart and your brain, for example, are so inter-connected that they ‘talk’ to one another, sending signals back and forth. If the signals clash, or are incoherent it causes problems for you. If you make them coherent, you start to create a completely different flow state. You create feelings and thoughts that are what many describe as ‘love’ or equivalent. These are positive, energised and powerful.

 From this position, you are then able to manifest.

Manifest translated simply means to hold in your hand.

Once you have arrived at a consistent flow state, with new programmes and wiring, and an understanding and realisation of what you are, you can then use your enhanced attention to place that on any intention.

As soon as you do this, and you will now know how to do this effectively, your intention is realised. In that very moment.

The energy fields are aligned, your awareness and the universal energy are now bringing the endless possibilities right into your hands.

So whatever it is you now desire is moving towards you, it is coming into your personal environment.

It has already manifested, even though it may not yet have appeared.

This is the key, your attention – which is another way of saying where you direct your awareness – remains on the intention, with the knowledge that it is already there, as a possibility, and that if you hold this attention on the intention, it arrives.

This only works if you transform, as you need the knowing (from raised awareness), the structural eradication of the deepest limited beliefs replaced by new unlimited beliefs (which comes from reprogramming and rewiring), the mind/body total coherence, the flow state, the new energy vibration, to become what we call superhuman. Once you are in that new state and have become a new self, then your attention to any intention will manifest. So with relationships, prosperity, abundance and freedom you are now able to successfully bring these into your personal environment at will.

Your entire perception of the world around you will have changed, leading to any extraordinary experience, where new things start to occur, these include miracles, coincidences, new people appearing  and new events happening at a speed you couldn’t previously have believed possible.

This is the outcome of transformation, and all it comes from going inside and changing your state of being.