Programmes 📝


Our online programmes are courses you can access remotely to guide you to transform.


They are delivered directly to you and are very low cost, you can use them to step you through each part of the transformation work, and you can obtain them individually or as a whole.


Read on to see the title of each programme, and then below for more information about how the programmes work.

The Greatest Life
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A Moment in Life
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Radical Ideas
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The entire programme/course

Living the greatest life, superhuman, becoming a new self – the transformation programme in one


This is all of the 13 individual programmes/courses below in one package.


Or you can access the courses individually.

Individual programmes/courses

Raise your awareness

What am I?

Reprogramme yourself

Rewire yourself


Mastering meditation

Creating your ideal personal environment

The ultimate flow state

Using manifestation

Attention to intention

Using visualisation, affirmations and appreciation

Going beyond

Super fit, super strong, super well

How the programmes/courses work

Once purchased, you will receive the programme/course via a link which will take you to an account where your programme/course is stored and now available to you to access.


The programme/course will provide you with a complete guide to the work you need to do, with instructions, suggestions and work sheets.


There will be reading, videos to watch, and significant third-party resource.


You will have email access to an online coach so you can ask questions, check your progress and receive help where needed.


More details of the programmes/courses will come very soon, including costs and the order mechanism.