How can I be in the present moment and look to the future?

Transformation leads us to a different place, so questions like the one above are questions old self will ask, but new self wouldn’t.


Put another way – transformation reforms many of your objectives positions, around time, your wishes and desires and your perception of your external personal environment.


New self does not recognise time in the same way, so questions related to anything past, present and future become obsolete.


We still exist in the real or normal world after transformation, and because of that an odd thing happens, you start to navigate in a different way still using the same type of language, labels and so on, just you do so with a different experience.


To an outsider you still look the same, and you are still doing the same sort of things, working, living, playing etc.


It is your experience and inner state of being that changes and your external world from your perception changes.


Although it looks the same to a third-party observer, it is very different for you.


When we move to a new state of being, this will bring with it the act of becoming present, which is the same thing as presence.


You become heightened awareness.


You collapse all notions of past and future, if you are truly present, and in a high level of awareness (presence). You do this more and more, and then it starts to sustain, this becomes your normal state of being.


That is not the same thing as saying you don’t think of the future or even plan for the future.


Remember, everything you want to change, so to lose your anger, resentment, frustration, confusion, lack  etc. and everything you desire so new relationships, better health, more abundance, freedom etc. are in the middle of two things.


One is your current state of being, the other is your desired state of being. You need to move yourself to the new state of being, where you have no frustrations or whatever else you want to lose and you have abundance, or whatever else you want to gain.


The problem is that we crave the good things (love, freedom etc.) but we do so from a current state of being that is not primed to deliver them. We will set off on a journey but our habitual old self will pull us back.


This leads to a simple idea, if you change your state of being in the present moment in accordance with your desires, you effectively bring those desires into the present moment. So, you practice being abundant, experiencing a new relationship, better health and so on in the present moment.


Whatever it is you want (the “future”) you find a way of bringing this into the present moment. You can, for example, visualise yourself being abundant and stir up the feelings and emotions of abundance.


You can show gratitude for your abundance.


You can meditate around “I am” and say “I am abundant” internally or out loud.


You can do this with anything – love, relationships, freedom, great health etc.


This is how we collapse time, because we don’t really set an objective of having something later, but now, we bring everything we desire into the present moment.


This has two effects, it keeps us working on being present and it helps us to move our desires towards us, feeling the effects “ahead of time”.


We know that if we sustain this practice for long enough it works, just as if you do enough press ups, you build muscle strength and change your body.


Once your state of being starts to change, you will soon see a shift.


Our work is based around change, shift and then transformation occurs. It is a three step process, with change being the work, shift bringing the sequential and noticeable effects, transformation being the complete alteration in your state of being.


To start with when you are introducing the changes it requires some faith, because you may need to go for a while without seeing any noticeable effect, but then suddenly a shift occurs, you start to notice it is altering your two environments, internal and external in some way and then you are infused with excitement as you realise what is occurring for you.


The other three pronged part of transformation is discovery, realisation and breakthrough.


The most exiting moments in my transformation were the realisation moments.


I had one such moment when I first experienced the indescribable notion that there is no past or future except as I was projecting it.


It is indescribable, you have to experience it.


Once that occurred, I was moving (shifting) fast because I simply loved the fact that everything I desired was already with me.


I did the work more and more on becoming present, and everything that previously I would describe as a future desire, was no longer in the future.


Even if it wasn’t in my external personal environment in a way an outsider would view – it was in my internal personal environment, so I was just allowing it to manifest whenever it did.


I trusted it all to appear, and it does.


In one way new self continues to future project but it does so from a point of view of bringing everything into the present moment. It’s difficult to explain, but it is all about changing your frame of reference. In the programme we do this in several ways, using visualisations, affirmations, gratitude and raising awareness amongst others. This combined work, aligned with techniques to become present, produces the state of being which allows.


Allowing means no resistance, and as soon as you use the old self thinking that time is a condition, for example, you must have something in the next three months, you are applying resistance.


Just doing the work breaks all of this, and changes your experience, so the old questions lose relevance.


There is no future, simply the here and now. So, live in the present moment and bring your desires to the surface and start experiencing them now. Your external personal environment will then change in kind. Trust it and enjoy the ride!