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Pension Freedom

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Surveys and research indicate that the vast majority of people impacted by Pension Freedom legislation, do not properly understand it.

Any information on this subject which helps viewers with education about how Pension Freedom works is going to be well-received.

This video is an overview of the main aspects, plus the key points and – more relevant still – how people need to consider their options. In this respect the need for advice, so crucial in most cases, is accentuated.

In your hands, under your brand, this video can produce amazing reaction and feedback, from anyone you can share it with.

Part of the educational series explaining core financial services subjects, this is a video which can be used in multiple ways, to help existing client situations, attract new clients, support professional connections and to provide you with rich resource to add to your website.

As with all the videos one of the main takeaways is how important getting advice is and the value of your expertise.

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