New Self, Old Self 💫

Just imagine, for one moment, you could become a new person.


That is essentially what moving from old self to new self means


If you could become a new person what would you want to be?


In our world, we phrase this as “what is your desired state of being?”


Whatever it is that you want or desire, this is effectively an expression of wanting to be in a new state of being.


If you can get into a new state of being, then you are now a different person.


So, new self is reaching a new state of being.

Your state of being

Your state of being describes how you feel, how you operate, how you think, your beliefs, habits, actions and behaviours.


Whatever your life is like today, if you have anything you want to change, then you are in effect expressing a desire to change your state of being.


This means whatever you want is a reflection of your state of being. Because even desires for things such as love, relationships, money, better health, prosperity, freedom, abundance, new cars, houses, holidays, more happiness, better energy, even a nicer body, can all be seen clearly in this way.


Your wants, wishes and desires are the gap between your current state of being, and your future desired state of being.

Your internal personal environment, your external personal environment

In the typical human condition we are programmed to assume certain realities or truths, and some of these programmes are unreliable, or just errors.


One glaring error, which causes so many difficulties, is we assume that if something changes in our outer personal environment then our state of being will change. This can be true, some of the time. But most of the time, this is not how it works.


So, we think that if only something would change for us, perhaps more money, then our state of being will change. Yet, more money manifests in our external personal environment (if at all) and is very unlikely to ultimately cause any meaningful change in our internal personal environment.


That’s because your internal personal environment is largely composed of two fundamental things which don’t change from externalities.


One is your understanding of who and what you are. The other is the deeply embedded programming or conditioning that makes you – you.


What is remarkable is that if you view this the other way around, it does work perfectly. If you change your internal personal environment, then your external personal environment changes in kind.


This is what the greatest teachers, spiritual masters, have taught us for thousands of years.


But now modern science is backing this up, with amazing findings and breakthroughs in the past few decades.

The typical human condition

The evidence is clear. We are badly mistaken in our typical assumption of what we are. We call this, the typical human condition.


For reasons we explain elsewhere, in this condition, we tend to consider and see ourselves as an identity, a body and a mind, with a name and a narrative, mainly formed from our past, subject to other people’s view of us, which simply reinforces everything.


We consider ourselves closely with our thoughts, which will arise based around this conditioning.


Worse still, the evidence from science tells us that despite our amazing brains, we are highly programmed, so that we operate within our world (our combined environments, internal and external) heavily conditioned by our experience in the first seven years of our life.


We know that we are something like 95%/5% operating from the subconscious versus the conscious.


Your subconscious therefore dictates most of what you do, believe, your habits and your view of the world. It is programmed to a degree that few realise, and has a power that dwarfs that of the conscious mind.


It is the conscious mind where most of your desires are expressed.


Do you see the problem? “You” as in “conscious mind you” desire things, a better state of being, whereas your “subconscious you” is running programmes that fight against this.


Now, let’s go back to the “what am I?” aspect.


You are not your thoughts, your body, your name, or your identity as commonly expressed.


You are awareness or consciousness. You inherently know this already, but somehow, the typical human condition takes us away from this innate state (except in early childhood) and makes us into a conforming, assuming, heavily programmed and misdirected entity.


This leads to a state we call “low awareness” which is where we have lost touch with our innate state of being, and our pure consciousness or awareness.


So, we end up in a position where our thoughts lead us, and those thoughts tend to be self-defeating or create resistance, for too much of the time. That’s because we are in a battle between our conscious thinking state, and our programmed subconscious state.


It’s desires versus conditioning, and it is not a fair fight.


From this combined position of mistaken identity of ourselves and heavy conditioning/programming, we get stuck, lost, suffer unnecessarily, or we simply don’t get anywhere near optimising this thing we have available to us, called our life.


So, there is a spectrum, and this goes from deep set difficulties and struggling, through to those of us who do better, but even at the better end of the spectrum, we are probably leading a life that is sub-optimal. Put another way, there is a greater life to be led available to us all.


If we can shift to bring our awareness up to the highest levels and we can change the programming, we realign the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious, now they can stop fighting and work together.


Transformation is based on doing the work on our own being to effect this change.

If you change your inner state, your outer world changes

You will change very little in your state of being if you focus on your external personal environment. If you try to change “you” by seeking to change what is happening outside of you, you will probably fail. Or it will take too much effort and time.


What you can do, and this is the breakthrough which leads to the transformation, is change your inner state.


In days gone by this was commonly seen as a spiritual journey, pure and simple.


But now we know it is more than this, it is possible to change your inner state structurally by changing your conditioning.


We retain the spiritual aspects but overlay this with modern science.


For example, we now know how much we can change the brain – through techniques that change the neural networks.


Because modern technology can see into the brain, and can measure its activity, amongst other things, we have learned how doing certain things alters the brain.


Likewise modern developments show how much the heart can be changed, and how the brain/heart alignment works.


We now know how to change the programmes.


We also know how to use powerful techniques to understand ourselves better, and how to raise our awareness. Although to be fair, spiritualists and mystics, have known this for thousands of years.


This has opened up the most remarkable opportunity, available to anyone who cares to take the time and to study this, to change you, to change your state of being.


If you change your state of being, your inner state changes and this has the most powerful experience anyone can enjoy. It changes your external state of affairs.

The most powerful idea in transformation

Our conditioning tells us to assume that if we want something to change we need to change our external position.


We cannot believe that our external world will change if we change our internal personal environment.


This is wrong. The evidence that this is wrong is so overwhelming it should be taught before any other thing is ever taught to anyone, anywhere.


The world around you changes depending on your state of being.


If you reprogramme, rewire and get to understand what you are, then your external personal environment changes, for the better.


Your external personal environment describes what happens in the immediacy of your vicinity. From the moment you were born to the moment you die, you will experience two things, and you can never get away from these, whilst you are aware and conscious. One is your internal state (your internal personal environment) and the other one is what you are perceiving – or experiencing –  around you, through your senses, which is your personal external environment.


You can never be away from you, you are always with you, for your lifetime, and you are responsible for everything occurring within you, and how you are interacting with and perceiving your immediate environment.


If you consider this in its simplest form you can see that the two things are feeding off each other.


You sense things, you think things, you feel things in your body (such as your emotions), and this makes up your experience. This is all “seen” by your awareness, your consciousness. Take away your consciousness or awareness, and none of this is “seen”.


Nothing occurs – for you – without this. Now, this gives rise to an equally simple notion – when you change how you see things, the things you see change.


If you change your internal state, then your external state changes – because of this.

There’s more, though

At one level this means you have changed your internal state to be more aware, that leads to great contentment, purity and effectiveness at living. You become more innate, and that is always a better state, largely free of typical human conditions, such as self-destructive thinking, misery, through negative emotions, and self-defeating behaviours. If you have also reprogrammed you now open up new possibilities.


That changes your external environment, as described.


But there’s more and we have seen this and experienced this. Somehow or other you change your energy. This has the most amazing effect, which is difficult to understand or describe. It causes an attraction effect.


This shows up in the way things start to come to you, and has the seemingly magical property of allowing you to manifest.


Once you change your internal state, you start to see those things that you desire appearing in your external personal environment. They may not appear immediately or they may not appear in the form you expect.


This seems to be partly down to your energy, but also because once you change your internal state, you will become attuned to allowing, you will have removed craving, needing, striving, forcing and so on.


Those who allow things to manifest, as they desire them, with conditions, seem to attract what they desire.


This is why in manifestation we describe it this way – you attract what you become. You don’t attract what you desire, or what you need, but what you are.

It all starts with becoming a new self

Transformation is a long path, a joyous, wondrous one. Right from the first step. It’s like a miracle (which defined precisely, means a thing of wonder, not something magical).


This is one of the key attractions of transforming, you gain immediate benefit from the very first moment you start doing the work.


Once you start down the path, you can start to experience the shift, bringing with it a series of insights, realisations, breakthroughs and then finally, a new self.


You slowly but surely become a new person, understanding who and what you are precisely, and this contributes towards your work to reprogramme and rewire.


This leads to the ultimate flow state, which describes how you operate in all ways from that point onwards. Your thinking changes, your emotions changes, the way you are aligned within your state of being is now efficient, your energy shifts in different ways, you become coherent and you feel better.


Your belief in what is possible is now released, so you are free of conditioned resistance to possibilities.


In this new state of being, you allow what occurs to occur. Your desires are now firmly within your grasp, because you attract what you become.


You now have a different experience, both internally and externally.