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Making and reviewing a Will ​

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Use this video to attract new enquiries and to help your existing contacts.

There are two subjects that act as a magnet – Inheritance Tax and Wills.

These are known to grab people’s attention, better than anything else.

And, today – in 2024 – how do people want to receive ideas and information? Via VIDEO!

So, you have a powerful subject, in this case Wills, and the medium of video.

Put these two things together, have this video in your own branding and details, and then make it available to your audience, and this leads to RESPONSE and POSITIVE REACTION.

It’s effective marketing and communication, if you can provide an educational experience through explainer video, you have a “tool” that is working for you whilst you are going about your daily business.

Clients and prospects when they see the availability of the video will want to watch it, and will enjoy doing so. This creates reciprocity, in other words you have given them something valuable and they will reward you for this.

Reciprocity is known to be the number one rule of great marketing, give something to get something.

Here are some clips from the Wills video:

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Here are some clips from the Wills video:

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