Limerence and its transformation effects

-read this if you want understand how much your biology can change your external world

Limerence is a fascinating subject, that has real relevance to transformation, even for those of you who have never heard of it, or experienced it.


Limerence is the falling madly in love experience, the golden glow of euphoria, when the arrow hits.


You can fall in  love and not be limerent. That’s because when you drill down limerence is not love, or not true love, it is a form of love.


It is a natural biological reaction to finding someone attractive, and in the right conditions, this sparks a chemical reaction, firing up massive changes in your hormonal state. That is nature’s way of getting you to bond, so you can reproduce and have children.


Limerence is when life suddenly goes mad and your entire world is consumed by passion, ecstasy and you are feeling like you are walking on water.


Because it is not true love, which comes from a different place, and is long-term in nature, limerence tends to have a short shelf life, maybe a year or two.


So, you have the powerful chemical reactions for this period, and then they settle down and this is when true love locks in, or otherwise. Some of the time, the disappointment that the high of the limerent feeling has gone can cause problems.


That’s why it has so many similarities to addiction.


None of that is especially relevant to today’s article.


What I want to focus upon is how it relates to transformation.


When – or if – you experience limerence, your personal internal environment changes. Literally. Your body’s chemical factory starts producing different mixes of chemicals.


So your dopamine starts to go wild, and increases massively. Your serotonin reduces, and markedly so.


Other hormones alter in terms of their levels.


Dopamine is the reward hormone, so if this goes up it gives you the great feeling of a high, similar to the effect of running hard and fast (which will also increase dopamine).


Serotonin is a regulator keeping you level and calm, so if this goes down, your adjustment filter reduces, and you are less balanced.


The potent chemical mix that is new when limerence takes hold, is creating a new internal personal environment. This isn’t an ‘idea’, this is biology and chemistry in action.


Guess what? Your external personal environment changes., as well.


Before the limerence hits you will perceive the world in one way, after it hits, another way. You will view the world around you differently.


So, expressions like “walking on water” to describe the way you feel is a good one.


Your energy frequency alters, you will be emitting a different energy, this alters the reality of what you are interacting with. Again, this isn’t an idea, it is based on how your interactions of all sorts take place when you have this different energy, which comes from how those chemicals are impacting your body and what it is expressing.


We can see the effect of this – your mind encounters something, a new person, and becomes attracted to that person, this leads to a reaction in your brain to start firing instructions into your body to make new chemicals and to change the chemical mix.


This alters many things that are expressed outwardly by “you” and this reframes the reality around you. So, not only in how you are perceiving the reality, but also in how other people receive your energy, how events unfold, and how things ‘shape’.


This happens when you become limerent, and if you have experienced this you will recognise this feeling and all that goes with it. The world outside of you – your external personal environment – almost has a glow around it, like the frame of a picture, suddenly everything seems and looks different.


The takeaway here is that when we transform we create a new state of being. When you get limerent, you create a new state of being.


Limerence tends to hit people, they fall in love, they don’t plan to love, the falling bit denotes the natural aspect as it comes unexpectedly.


With transformation, one of our aims is to understand this whole process of internal/external, chemical/biological, and to do work to reprogramme and rewire ourselves so we engender a new internal state, so that it positively elevates our chemical position.


That makes us feel better, and the primary purpose of transformation is to feel great.


We know what this does, if we can do the work to transform internally, not only does it makes us feel great, it changes how we perceive the world around us and it changes our external personal environment.


Remember, your reality is how you perceive it. There is no reality unless you are perceiving it, so how you perceive it is crucial to what you consider “reality”.


When you are unconscious, you have no perception, and no sense of any reality whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if reality is going on without you, as “you” aren’t there to be aware of it. It may as well not be going on at all.


When you are conscious you perceive reality.


So, change your internal state, get the chemical mix just perfect, and your outer world changes.


Limerence is like a case study to this effect.


We don’t need to become limerent to have this effect, we can fall in love with ourselves, life and the world around us, just by doing the transformation work.


Rewiring in transformation, leads to different instructions being sent from the brain around the body, so you can alter the chemical position.


Learn how to rewire. This ultimately leads to changing your world.


It’s an exciting aspect of what you can do.