I love it but I can’t work it out​

It’s truly uplifting to get positive feedback to the transformation idea and all its various aspects.


More often than not, people say things like “I love it”.


They read the ideas, the work programme, they piece it altogether and it makes so much sense to them.


They can see how the abstract connects to the science, how the spirituality aligns with the philosophy, and how the physics, chemistry and biology back it all up.


Let’s take two parts of the transformation work to highlight this. We claim that when you transform you become superhuman. This is because you are no longer in the typical human condition.


This condition is where you have low awareness and are heavily programmed. This may sound like pseudoscience, or an ancient mystical treaty, but it is backed by modern science.


No-one truly understands consciousness (awareness/existence) but we can experience what happens when we raise our awareness, and when we do so there is evidence that this changes the brain’s patterns and workings.


If you stop thinking of yourself as you, and start thinking of yourself as a complex unified system of some sort, with a brain, body, thoughts, feelings and emotions, and simply recognise the complexity of this system, and then study what happens if you change X. and what happens if you change Y, and so on, and piece this together you can see how the system may alter in a profound way towards something different. Well, that’s what we are doing in transformation, we are using experience and study to fathom out how we change X and Y and what happens when we do.


This is why this is such an important time in human history, as modern science, especially neuroscience, quantum physics, and epigenetics is teaching us about how this works. The fact it dovetails with so much of the teachings of the spiritual traditions, is a nice crossover.


So, people “love it” when they learn about this, because it is exciting, you can literally transform yourself to become something new.


The second idea to highlight is the more nuanced one that you change what is going on in your world, by changing what is going on inside of yourself.


This is the idea of altering your personal internal environment to impact your personal external environment.


If you change the inside what goes on around you changes.


This seems unbelievable to some people, but again when we drill down and study the science, there is lots to support this. We can experience this without knowing anything about it, but it always help to get some back up from the studying.


We use the idea of attention to intention alongside this, so that if you focus your awareness onto something (a clear intention) for a sustained period, that something appears in your personal external environment.


This occurs because we change energy frequency, we change our beliefs, we change our actions and behaviours, it is not rocket science, but modern science.


That’s because until very recently, science did not recognise many important aspects which it does today. For example, through neuroscience, just how much plasticity the brain has, and our ability to alter its wiring.


Epigenetics is beginning to evidence that we are shaped by our environment more than our genetic inheritance, and vice versa if we do certain things, we reshape our environment.


In the 1950s, for example, before this was properly known by science, there was an explosion of work around positive thinking, and a number of people in the States who really pushed this.


Today, we understand that positive thinking alone is a mere subset of all the possibilities you have to make changes which seem – as if by magic – to reshape the world around you. Things like changing your embedded beliefs, your energy frequency, your brain waves, and so on.


You sort-of know this inherently, when you meet a magnetic person. There is something more attractive about that person, and they seem to attract things towards them. Well, that person, maybe by design, maybe luck, is just a magnet, because their energy is tuned to the right frequency.


If that persons attends to something it will typically manifest into their life.


So, from within, without, what this means if you change things in the right way, there is ample evidence that this changes your world, what we describe as the world around you.


This is such a neat thing and – yes – people love this conceptually, because if you do the work, you will get the results. And who doesn’t want to create their ideal world?


However, and it is a big one, the problem for many people is they don’t know how to go from reading all about this, falling in love with it, or attending a talk and getting super-motivated, to stepping back into “real world” and then finding it all just reverts to type.


I would say the answer is simple. Understand that you are in the typical human condition, everyone is (unless they have transformed).


You – yes you – are wired and programmed.


You are probably low awareness.


You are probably working from limited beliefs and habitual thinking.


You are probably not emitting at the right energy frequency.


There is nothing wrong with you, because you and I, and everyone, are subject to the same sort of development from conception to adulthood.


Our environments once we are born might shape things very differently for us, but the system that makes us “me” are broadly identical.


Step one is to understand this.


Step two is to understand that this can be changed (modern science, ancient spiritual teachings).


Step three is to follow the pathway to this change, knowing this takes time and requires a lot of work.


The fact this work is fun (most of the time) and follows the path of discovery, realisation, breakthrough in all areas, and is experience led, makes the work amazing to do.


But it does require commitment and a constant battle not to get bogged down by old habits and the ego, mind, body, sense of self, wiring, programming and conditioning – which will all fight hard to stop you.


So, after reading some articles, or viewing our programme, or attending an event or talk, get to step three and then get on the pathway and don’t let anything distract you. Normal life will carry on around you, and you work within this, so it takes a little adjusting to because you must walk forward whilst accepting that what you have been used to will take time to change or disappear.


Transformation is effectively a crossing over (from old self to new self) – the problem is that if you stop soon after you start the crossing you may as well not have started.


You will make discoveries, and these will lead to realisations, but it is the breakthroughs where you begin to sustain the position.


You will get to these points, and you will love it when you do. This is no longer loving the ideas but loving the changes you have made.


Those changes end up, when all are made, in transforming, and becoming superhuman.