The big idea is that we have it within our gift to transform. So we can become a new person or new self.


If we compare ourselves to any other living organism, and even to previous generations of humans, we – as in the current generation of humans – can understand precisely what we need to do to reengineer ourselves towards something very different.


This is the idea of old self and new self.


Humans seem to be unique amongst any other organism that has ever existed. The Earth has a 4.5 Billion year history, and for the majority of this there has been life, of some sort, on the planet.


At no stage has there ever been the type of brain that humans have with its level of consciousness and intellect. This seems to be an evolutionary quirk or fluke, and in part is linked to the pre-frontal cortex.


We have the ability to think and to analyse, to understand and to learn, in a completely different way to other species.


This advantage has allowed us to develop a world of immense technological sophistication.


Just think for a moment of the extraordinary reality of this, 4.5 billion years, of which the last 50, say, have seen Earth taken over not just by human domination of everything, but – now – technological domination.


That is why one of our events is called “A Moment In Time”.


The past few decades, thanks in part to technology, have seen an explosion of understanding in how the quantum world works (quantum physics), how the brain works (neuroscience), and how we work as beings (epigenetics). Other scientific developments have also been extraordinary, but just those three mentioned are enough to reveal some exciting and amazing possibilities.


One of which is we know how it is possible for us, individually, to change ourselves and to become a new self.


If you consider yourself, rather than as a “me” identified by some form of self-perception, but as a biological system (which you are) with chemistry going on inside of you, then if you make changes to the system you change you.


Whilst we do not know everything, far from it, we know enough now, thanks to our brains and their ability to learn about things, and technology, which allows for measurement and inspection, that we can understand what we need to do to make these changes.


No other living organism ever, has had this ability.


We know what we need to do to alter what is going on within this system, that we might call “you”.


We can alter our thoughts, behaviours, actions, reactions and more by rewiring and reprogramming. We know how to rewire and how to reprogramme.


Our ancestors did not, although through spiritual practice they found ways of doing so, to a point.


Today, we understand the brain’s plasticity, which means its ability to change. We understand the subconscious mind and how with a series of steps we can replace the programmes stored in the subconscious.


We better understand the relationship between energy and matter. We understand how we develop from childhood through to adulthood, and how this development shapes our lives.


We have a strong grasp of how the relationship between environment and genetics works, so we know (today) how our lives our shaped by our environmental circumstances versus what we are born with.


In so many ways, what this means, when you add it all up, is that you are a heavily conditioned, highly developed, but somewhat rigid, animal that is operating in your environment on auto-pilot, and the sense you have of “you “ is shaped by your consciousness, and is perceptual.


The idea here is that if you analyse it closely enough, you have “you” as you perceive yourself and “you” as a biological/chemical system. There are examples of how this plays out, one being that your behaviour is estimated to be 95% influenced by your subconscious. So you are not consciously controlling your  own behaviour.


This means we have a challenge, because we are clever enough to have well-developed self-awareness, and to be able to think in a profound way, but we are still animalistic.


Most of us live our lives with our thoughts, which are often in conflict with our natural position, so the system has a sense of self, but the system is still a system.


This is why awareness is such a big part of the transformation process, because whilst we are self-aware there seem to be levels, and if you raise these levels up (heightened awareness) you can alter the framework of how the world around you works and what goes on inside of you.


This idea is not easy to describe, but basically pure awareness has an aspect to it which is part of the system and if you get this relationship right between your consciousness and your system (brain/body), then you alter how you operate and interact with the environment around you.


We can learn how to do this, and when we do this leads to a different operating outcome.


You walk through life differently as a new self.


We now understand enough to know how to do all of this, and that is what the transformation programme is. A programme to create a new self, one that is superhuman in nature.


If you look at what sort of life new self can live, and how new self is, in all sorts of ways, that is immense. It will allow you to live the greatest life possible, as far as we know it today.