Financial and Tax Calculators

These calculators are available for Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers and Accountants to use under their own branding. They are easy to embed into any website, providing a valuable online tool for your site visitors.

They can be used standalone, so you can send them via email or use them in presentations or meetings.

Calculators are one of the most heavily used tools by clients and prospects, making them an invaluable resource.

Inheritance Tax Calculator

Simplify the intricate process of inheritance tax planning for your audience.

Pension Shortfall

Strategise effectively for retirement by pinpointing potential pension fund shortfalls.

Loan Repayment

Assist your visitors in estimating loan repayment schedules effortlessly.


Offer valuable insights into potential investment returns based on diverse scenarios.

Mortgage Repayment

Navigate the path to mortgage freedom with our Mortgage Repayment Calculator.

Mortgage Overpayment

allows your viewer to see the power and effect of making extra payments, and how this reduces the loan and the time period.

Equity Release

helps with establishing the amount that could be released and the costs

Salary Sacrifice

provides employees with an accurate indication of how they can change their salary mix to get better outcomes

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