I am and stop thinking

I am going to give you below some of the most profound and deepest ideas within the transformation work.


The spirit of “I am” is based on the idea that if we use this in focused contemplation, we generate a state. For example, if you repeat I am love, I am life, I am attractive, I am well, I am fit, I am abundant and so on, you generate the state – over time.


That use of ‘I am’ is covered in many other articles and posts, and it is important in our progress. However, today I am going to highlight some other deeper aspects.


The ‘I’ and the ‘am’ are the same thing.


When you generate the feeling of ‘I am’ you are not, ultimately denoting two things, but one.


You are both the ‘I’ and the ‘am’ . There is no separation between them.


Your ‘I’ is the real you, your pure awareness, the ‘am’ is the present moment.


Your life will be better if you live it from the state of pure awareness, and in the present moment.


When you realise that you are both all at once, and there is no separation you will make a fundamental breakthrough.


In our events we use a technique to provide a hint at this, as we ask the audience to participate in a short thirty-second meditation.


Actually, we develop this technique across a series of thirty second meditations to build the understanding, but here in this article I will just outline the first of these.


We invite the audience to sit and focus and to stop thinking. This is best done with a little build up through a focus on the breath and then we when say now, we ask audience members to hold the no thought position for as long as they can.


For anyone who has not done this before, it can be hard to get beyond, say, two or three seconds, some people can make it last longer, and a few for thirty seconds. That is unusual though, as it generally takes a lot of practice to get this far.


The time spent in no thought is not important for the initial exercise, as what we want to demonstrate is what is left when thought is gone.


When you lose thought in this way, you are not unconscious, far from it.  You are left with awareness.


When you are aware of this thoughtless awareness you are pure, you are wise, you are inherent, you have intuiton and you have  accessed the gap.


That gap is then available for you to explore, and that is what we do in transformation work. It is utterly impossible for me to describe the experience of what emerges from going into the gap.


Except to say, it is ever increasing levels of pure awareness.


This experience is so strong it changes people’s lives.


The gap basically has no reference to time, because it is what is described as being in the eternal present moment.


You are both pure presence, as in pure awareness, and present.


As you stay in the gap for as long as you have no thoughts, you have no reference to past and future, both of which are projections of the mind.


You cannot be in the past or the future without thought.


So, you are present, as well as presence.


‘I’ represents the presence  – ‘am’ the present.


In this state, with this experience, these things are the same, they are merged into one, because they are one, and this is the profound feature of pure awareness, you have collapsed both the sense of self and the sense of time in to one.


‘I am’ is no longer two things.


As said, when you experience this fully it is like a miracle, the realisation and discovery is truly extraordinary.


And it doesn’t easily lend itself to description or an article such as this.


I could go further but you hopefully get the point, and we do develop this fully in our events and presentations, in real time.


However, I do want to share something that will blow your mind, that I consider is another step again.


The realisation that ‘I am’ is one thing, has a second factor to it.


Your ‘I am’ and my ‘I am’ are also one thing.


My awareness and your awareness are the same. I don’t mean like copies or identical same. I mean they are one.


So, if I get a copy of the painting the Mona Lisa, and I get another identical copy of the same painting, I can hold them up and say they are the same, but there are still two copies, just that they are identical.


But there are two separate things, copy one and copy two. There is not one thing.


My awareness and your awareness are not copies, they are one thing. They are awareness, which is not separate from any other awareness, in any way.


You might recognise this is the “oneness” that is often referenced.


In our events we touch on this by referencing the words of those who have died and come back to life, a common experience is that these people, not always but often, experience this oneness after they have died, or in the moment of death. Reading their words is salutary.


I believe these so-called near death experiences are amongst the most important pieces of research that we can find when contemplating how best to live our lives. That’s because they provide revelations of what the death experience is like and if not what lies beyond, some of the effects that are experienced in or around death.


If these experiences are mechanical, say brain functions creating an effect as they are shutting down, as opposed to something more spiritual or mystical, then this does not change much for me, because they still hint at a perception of what life can be, or how it can be experienced. The oneness  that so many people describe at this point, is not something I think you have to wait to experience until you are dying or dead. We can experience that now, in our lives.


The near death experience survivors  who have this experience generally report that their lives beyond this point are completely changed, for the better, and in most cases to a significant extent. Most lead the rest of their lives with this oneness as a feature in some way.


That’s because an event stimulated the experience, and from there they transcended into a new form or new state. I find that not just interesting, but motivating because if we can learn how to do this through, say, meditation, we can also transcend to oneness.


Whether you like it or not, your awareness and my awareness, are the awareness.  This is why you will experience when you get into, and then stay in, the gap such profound experiences. No body, no time, no place, inherent wisdom and knowing, and eventually oneness.


Call it what you like, spiritualism, mysticism, science, or “Frank” or “Betty” – it matters not, it is the experience that counts and what it can do to change your life.