Feeling great is the life purpose

When we start working on transformation, we quickly aim to encourage the idea of a leap of faith, as we want people committed to this pathway to spend as little time as possible trying to work it out, or understand it rationally.


There are many parts where we introduce rationality, science and full and detailed explanations, but others where we simply leap.


Part of the reason for this faith, or trust (in the process), is we are not in the best position to judge rationally. That’s because when we come to this, we are misperceiving reality, are at a low level of awareness and conditioned.


So, we anchor our view or belief in things based on a poor foundation. That is not our fault, and we have done nothing wrong and in no way are we inferior.


We are subject to highly evolved ways to become what we become, for survival purposes, and from this evolutionary viewpoint, that is enough. Evolution has no interest in us as individuals with a highly developed potential awareness. It wants to ensure we survive, for bigger reasons than our individual needs.


The biology is simple, we are conditioned to the nth degree to survive and to propagate for the benefit of the species.


Everything about us is based on this premise.


This means our individual biological system is primed to work with this bigger picture aspect. If we mentally suffer along the way, that does not matter, unless it presents a clash with the greater purpose.


There are good reasons why we should feel bad some of the time, maybe even most of the time. The biology is presenting us with warning signals to protect us from harm. Most of what makes us suffer, feel bad, and so on, is a mechanism to help us. To survive and to watch out, so we don’t die (in which case we cannot reproduce).


All emotional aspects link back to this in some way, love is designed to help us bond to mates, or to look after our offspring and nearest and dearest, fear to warn us of impending damage, sadness to help us to react accordingly to things that don’t help us to survive and propagate , resentment to move us away from people we think are dangerous, and so on. It’s not a straight line, and has some complexity but at its base level, this is how it works.


This leads to a conclusion – we are not primed to feel great.


Something, though, in this evolutionary cycle has “gone wrong” and this seems to be to do with a glitch or a quirk in the evolution of the human brain.


No-one, including the best scientists and medical people, can be quite sure exactly what it is that makes the human brain different, especially the modern human brain.


It seems to be to do with the cortex, and cognition, and possibly to do with the way the neurons within the brain connect and fire, including the glue that sticks it altogether. The synapses and the neuroglial cells have some unique aspects that may contribute.


There seem to be some little things in the way the human brain works, that make big differences.


We simply don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that the modern human being is the first creature or organism in the entire history of Earth, and for all we know, within the Universe, that has this special type of brain.


Unlike any other organism this gives us the prospect of consciously changing our biological system in ways to help us at the individual level.


Our higher level self-awareness, and the cognition we have of how things work lead to an extraordinary potential, unique amongst modern humans.


We can interfere with how we are, what we become and the state of our own being.


If you think of a relatively intelligent animal like a dog, it is worth noting that a dog has no understanding of what a heartbeat is, what the moon is or how many galaxies there are in the universe. It does not understand the concept of a supermarket, money, industrial disputes, strikes, how to multiply two by two, how to get treated by a vet if it falls ill, or even the nature of being a brother or a sister.


The fact we can grasp complicated concepts, and indeed even create concepts (such as money), is a recognition of the uniqueness of the human brain.


In the mid-2020s we need to understand something else.


We now have access to technological help to further this cognitive advantage. For example, we can study the brain in ways not available to any other human, up until around 30 years ago. Modern imaging, scanning and measuring devices are allowing us to not just understand the potentiality of the brain, particularly in respect of neuroplasticity and its ability to change during a lifetime, but how to change it.


This is so profound, this alone should act as a clarion call to everyone to realise what they potentially have within them.


If we align this with our basic essence of being, the less scientific aspect, more spiritual in nature, and realise that we can have different and heightened experiences compared to other species, then we create a combined aspect. This allows us to ‘work out’ how we can be, as individuals.


I took this in my transformation and worked on this relentlessly, and one way I did this was to create a simple life purpose.


When I meditated, contemplated and philosophised about my desires for my life, I could not get away from this idea  – our life purpose can not be bettered than by making it – to feel great.


Feeling great is not simply about having a joyous inner state of being, but about energy and flow, it is about dealing with challenges and difficulty with skill and being able to be sad or less well for periods in a way where we retain contentment.


So, we do feel great much of the time, but when we don’t we are still OK, we “get it”, we still flow, we still have the “essence of being” at our centre working for us, looking out for us, helping us. Because that is what we are when all is said and done, – essence.


We know what to do to make this work, and that is what transformation leads to.


Make this your life purpose and you will never struggle again, you will wake up every day loving yourself, loving life and all that follows is amazing – even when it isn’t!