Digital Boost

Website Boost

Repositioning content
Creating new pages
Styling your content/webpages
Enhancing your inquiry forms
Tracking your website visits
Analyzing your conversion rate

Enhancing Google Business

Setting up Google Business Profile
Categorizing your services accurately
Writing browser-friendly descriptions
Adjusting contact and location

Boosting Social Media

Defining your target audience
Providing you with our ready-made content
Planning a social media strategy
Executing the social media strategy
Engaging with clients/leads
Analyzing KPI and ROI from social media

Artificial Intelligence

Content creation
Keyword research
Predictive analytics
Image and video recognition

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Growing your audience

It’s nice when an objective is simple.

Our work is to help you meet this objective:

To radically grow your online audience.

If you can meet this objective – and it is easily measured – then you will grow the number of new enquiries you get, the number of new clients, the power of your brand and proposition, your authority in the marketplace and your revenues and profits.

How to apply a Digital Boost

Nearly all businesses we talk with are signed up for the idea of a digital boost, wanting to grow their audience and reach. They see and understand the value. But the problem is they don’t know how to do it.

The answer is as follows:
• You must co-ordinate three things together. Your website, your Google Business Account and your Social Media. This coordination exercise is critical. Very few businesses either do this at all or do it well.

• You must have a policy of increasing site visitors, social media followers and where – and how – you appear on Google.

• You must keep everything flowing, so new content onto your website, and new social media posts regularly and refresh your Google account information, also regularly.

• You must measure all numbers relating to each of these things, again regularly.

• Your website content has to be interesting and vibrant, aimed squarely at the viewer’s needs and interests.

It's not as time-consuming or difficult or costly as you may think

Our Digital Boost service shocks some adviser firms, as they are expecting big bills, long-term tie in’s and lots of time before results appear. The reality is somewhat different.
It’s because we have a few advantages you will struggle to find anywhere else in the market.

• We know how to get your audience numbers revolutionised. So, we can apply our knowledge to quickly get things enhanced.

• We have content skills in financial services, having worked with firms for many years writing and producing market-leading content.

• We have the resource at our fingertips, 39 videos and over 40 e-guides.

• We have a team of exceptional web and social media experts.

• We know what to do with your Google account.

• We can apply social media management at a fraction of the cost of any competitor.

This means we can help you on a bespoke basis, to meet your objective at a cost level which we know is way lower than alternatives.

A cost level which, when judged against meeting the objective, produces a significant Return on Investment (ROI). That return comes from boosting your audience number, and we will always help you with this through clear and accurate measurement indicators. Such as site visitors, Google search results, new enquiries, and social media reach.